Night Siege — 31 May

On forums portal discussions are policy statement Paul Sevyarinets the need of personal ownership of land that can revive agriculture. Comments:
"I think it’s not that. Built System such makarom, that people do not give money with the earth ";
"We should all be exiled opposition politicians for the year as Sevyarinets. Maybe then will work better";
"Finally a meaningful sentence";
"Seviarynets wrong. During social economy people have become lazy. Their not correct";
"In normal countries, agriculture works 3-5 percent of the population";
Deadthinc user writes in society Minsk_by: "I came in handy to extend permission to travel. But the First of the Department of Citizenship and I met gebist movement, which is very intense interest in my studies at the European Humanities Institute. Names of people and a lot of asking questions …. It just me "lucky" or it is common practice? "Comments:
"At such cases need their documents look and read nothing. Wish to question — let the agenda sent ";
"Well done, she wrote about it. Usually they are counting on you even fear pabaissya tell about it at the meeting. Me twice came to college, tried to intimidate him. Themselves but worried that the information was not included in the media and on websites ";
"Soon it and breathe without their express permission ban."
R_a_t__k_i_n_g blogger in his diary gives a link through which can be Download Abstract by encrypting disk imaging from traffic "Revolt", and on my own adds, "(Abstract) is more concerned with activists and leaders of organizations. Passwords mailboxes, ICQ, Skype and other online agents must change with the frequency shift yuzerpikav. Times to clean and folders from the cache, Cook, temporary files. I advise you to use a firewall instead of antivirus, or both, and themes. Oh and do not forget to drop files on the hard disk drives working and hide from the sun — especially in the summer. "
Blogger czyk made humorous definitions for spelling whiteRussian language, making parallels with the kind of beer:
"Narkamauka — Bielmova Light taraskievica — Bielmova Classic narkamauka + taraskievica — Bielmova Premium narkamauka + taraskievica + l / lacinka — Bielmova Extra narkamauka + taraskievica + lacinka + lacinka + kitabauka — Bielmova Exclusive trasianka — Bielmova Jors Coctail"
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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