Night Siege — May 24

The web site blogs "Living magazine" at the moment is a flash mob on the abolition of benefits a number of categories of people. Nick spread ad with a call transfer when leaving public transport knocked talenchyk own. Reviews Blog "eolonir:
"I was at one point one so beautiful youth tried to convey. It was terribly nice J. But unfortunately I have (thankfully) was travel. The young man was upset. Now I’m not going to razbivats heart. Since a full travel I do not have enough money :))); "
"Yesterday gave ticket people dumbfounded. Rassmyayalisya But later. Took;"
"What do you wish to achieve these actions, then you absolutely aware of the consequences of this" social action "? Maybe you foresee consolidation of people because of this" social action "against the" regime "and the country (hmm, regime or country — too curious)? Either it clean afektnae expression?
"Do not breed here please philosophy. If all implied right — we would have lived in feadalizme;".
The forums portal information is discussed that in a few months in Belarus planned to finish selection of sites for construction of nuclear power plants. Comments:
"We will not allow the regime to risk the future our country!";
"More curious as there is with the siting under harboring waste";
"We need to collect signatures — for who, who can be against";
"With our approach to construction, when for the sake of saving will use Russian equipment with the lowest prices … station explodes in the first months of work";
"We can quietly build their own nuclear power plants. Powerhouse not explode, exploding reactors. Reactor And we will take likely the French or the Russians. "
"We have no 1st University, where trained professionals to work at the plant."
Gomel writer and teacher Sergei Balakhonov writes in his diary about his own graduate school, which was asked to sign Balahonova in her album. Teacher inscribed on whiteRussian language. Graduate indignant surprise. Balakhonov writes: "I also do not hide feelings began and said that teach-teach, pyaleguesh-pyaleguesh, think what great kids grow up, and eventually vydaraetstsa this. Asked pass exhaust all parallels, that did not even dare to me with these Albums fit. " Comments:
"Strannovataya generation grows up;"
"You can not generalize. Wrote another — treated with awareness;"
"This shows if globally take: it normally refers to the language she decorative function, you seduced, and she is not ready to accept it as fact than one use (although the album — also in decorative function, but it is her album, nobody tells) ..; "
"Never mind :) remember those spotless and bright faces that you beheld when signing their books :) and the girl that, God willing, will go on journalism and flag in her red and green together! ..".
The community Minsk_by siemargl writes about archaeological excavations at the site involves the construction of high-rise hotel near October Square in Minsk: "Work around 7 people. Excavation required for people. To begin with people 15-30. Main thing — to provide human resources in June and May delivery. Pros what you get. role in the excavation is the first work specifically on the Belarusian culture. Ability to find and with his hands to touch her relics, 2. Physical work on the most fresh air, the ability to get a tan in May. Comments:
"Donated? .. Sun — it is very harmfully: skin cancer and premature aging; "
"I zdavalnennem participate, engage in life dreamed of Archaeology (or at least something assist those people, are engaged in a masterful).

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