Night Siege — May 28

Antikiller blogger wrote in his diary at the beginning of the process of the activists’Junior Front"" The prosecutor requested a penalty. No longer worry about. "
"The question remains, where to take 15 million each," — commented on the blog readers.
"Everything will be fine. According to another simply can not."
Ales Chajchyts website blogging portal Gaze talks about the split of the Belarusian opposition. "Yes, there will be two centers of attraction, with 2 different strategy — will be the least time and organizational Swan River-shchupakovskiya costs vnutrykaalitsyynyya disputes. Preserve the unity necessary to scheme as do Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad: different churches, but canonically community — independent organizational and economic level, but at Mass each other can walk. On October Square the decisive day will stand all the same all together. "
On forums portal Discussions are now article "White-red-white equip youth camps. To re." Material placed in the network newspaper "Daily". The article presents quotes from an interview with a representative of the Ministry of Defence Vladimir Schastny that clarifies that at the moment troubled children listed not only the ones that drink, smoke and hooligans, and those who wear the "white-red-white ribbons and badges of unknown content." Such teenagers are sent to military-patriotic camp. Representations forum participants:
"Good news. Eventually white-red-white youths learn to disassemble and assemble at the time of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, as well shoot it … Good Blessed! Such a manner is to prepare young people to come up. Respect!"
"One ugly from it all … And how are they going to these camps youth to drive? Curious look."
"And if he does not fear that these young people will be in those camps reeducate employees of law enforcement agencies?"
"That’s right, with the red-green who drink, smoke rising Fathers electorate. And those children who are looked on completely positive, is a threat Dynasty Lu."
Bullochka blogger writes about the Belarusian identity: "It is self-contradictory. We all know that Belarusians — quiet and obedient people, not able to withstand the effects of neighbors.’s Why Catherine took second rescue us from the final polonization. Well — recorded with us in Russian familiar properties. And costs only person to start uzbrykvats and justify that he is not a Russian, he prescribe, for example, Polish honor. Belarusian But it just would not take: Belarusian same kick but to defend their identity can not, because it is not in his national character. Exit here I see only one thing: to change "public myth." When I talk about the myth, I do not mean Lightweight and unscientific approach to reality, but the perception synkretychnae her vseobyatnuyu metaphor in which time has no value (principal, whether it occurs in the past or at present). Specifically it mattersl Vladimir Karatkevich. That’s why, despite all the disadvantages of his works, so his love. "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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