Night Siege of June 13

On forums portal information that the Minsk city authorities are preparing a solution that would streamline the establishment Kondyukov and satellite dishes on the facades of buildings. According to the views of officials, plates and Kondyukov harm the aesthetics of the town. Submission of forum participants.
"Soon it will not interfere with the aesthetics of people town!"
"In general, in Europe and Kondyukov plates hang in big cities do not allow anywhere. Especially if the building has a status of" a monument of architecture. "But if you put the same plate on the balcony, so it does not protrude beyond it, for no one to you do not dachepitstsa. "
"It seems that the decision of Minsk Executive Committee, and in Mogilev is prohibited. My companion had acquired for himself a plate and VPB went to the keys to the loft, wanted to install it on the roof. So he was with them all peralayavsya because the key he had not given . And some kolkhoz aunt Tipo lawyers working there, said that This year issued a decree prohibiting the installation of antennas on the roofs. Had another tie to the balcony. That country! "
Another burning topic that discussions are forums —

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