Night Siege of June 25

On forums portal discussions are information about the incident with the Tipo detention of activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front"And BPF in laptops which Tipo found the files with benefits for terrorists and suicide bombers. Comments:
"A dead rat in laptops is not it?";
"Apparently, the files were recorded when checking notebooks";
"Even if these files were in their is nothing illegal ";
"How often at the intersection of the boundary you have viewed hidden files stored in cameras and SMSes phones?"
"Another reasonable provocation by the authorities."
There, on the portal forms discussions are news that on July 1, Minsk city executive committee cancels the benefits to citizens registered at improving housing conditions. At present the price of 1 square meter for designated categories of people will cost more than 9 percent. Comments:
"Well and good. This is unfair to those who built the house himself";
"Because of concessional lending, prices for purchase and rental homes. Sad that someone gets preferential credit, rents an apartment and later the same taxpayer who prepay the loan. Country victorious socialism";
Last graduate of the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Educational under Vladimir Kolos koziel shares in his diary impressions of underground prom authorities closed the institution:
"On the lawn near the cottage wood bench. Same ancestors beat September 1, 2002 — the first fall after the elimination of the discharge of the Lyceum …. This is probably the most casual and promiscuous, which I have just beheld. And the smallest …. In the house several floors. On the first lyceum celebrating — with champagne, pineapple and black olives, on the second — teachers with parents. shchabechutstsa Last all night with the children who have just "become adults." acting up …. On the first issue in 2007. no .. not the most partisan. most gullible :) much they think that all ended. No. Everything is just beginning. "
User blog portal "Living magazine" under the name Salihorsk asks in his diary: "How did you feel about the political graffiti? Most indignant displeasure. A thinks that the young people who go out NIGHT MODE, donating time and freedom? Certainly, that little space in the places permitted to advertise to express their own thoughts, for sure, it’s also a cry of despair, a typical protest against inactivity Democratic Forces, seeking to solve problems through dialogue and round tables? . " Comments:
"Alignment of those graffiti gets nothing. As correctly applied graffiti and where — the whole science of it, there are books. Apply necessary, but God forbid appears this graffiti on the wall of a building or monument on the facade of a modern building. It’s very narrow mental moment ";
"My attitude is very positive. Well, and as such a question can be put. Either you do or not. Or is it necessary for you or not. ForWhat to do half? "
On the official website of the fan club "NRM" laid out a new clip of the song "Minsk and Minsk":
Reviews note:
"Disgusting clip. Neuzh something not found a director who understands the meaning of the song …";
"The clip is not very much, but no clip does not spoil the memory from that song";
"A I really liked it =)))) The best of what I beheld =). "
All interviews for the "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk on the answering machine Call 266-39-52 and send text messages to the number 391-22-24.

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