Novopolotsk: collecting signatures for the reception yard parking

The appeal states that the width of yard space for roads and vehicles do not comply with parkavannya navachasnym needs.
Pioneer made public activist Valery Shevchenko.
Share this did not start spontaneously. During the last campaign Valery Shevchenko was fined 155 thousand rubles for incorrect parking.
Shevchenko Emperor paid the fine and appealed in writing to the chairman of the executive committee with the question: Is there a programm everything yard parking? The official reply was reported that this question is under control.
But, according to Valery Shevchenko when he addressed specifically to gorispolkomovskoy officials, it became clear that this matter no one does. Eventually, he and a few other public activists took to the streets and began collecting signatures under said appeal.
In Novapolatsk problem parkavannya vehicle is very sharp, because the city is compact and, in addition, more than 60% of households have Novopolotsk personal vehicles.
Sometimes all evening filled yard road vehicles, and not as a drive ambulances and fire service.

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