Now start acting EU sanctions

June 15 in Brussels confirmed the decision last year. According to the official explanation, Belarus has not changed the case for trade union rights in the matter of freedom of association. Meanwhile, as noted by the European Commission, is an integral part of EU trade policy. Cancel preferences, according to Brussels, will affect 10 percent of Belarusian exports. Preferential policies of the European Union extended, for example, such as the Belarusian products and mineral fertilizers, timber, textiles, odezhku. From this it follows that the sanctions will affect, namely, light industry.
In "Bellegprom" know about it and predict economic loss. Assistant Manager Natalia Dyrman concern:
"There will be, of course. But not great — not 50, not 30, not 40 percent. On that we export to the European Union, and the fee will be raised. Heavily in the European Union is the garment industry products, textile. We are not huge losses will be. "

"While supplies to Western Europe have temper prestige and not a lot of work"

Mogilev enterprise "Mogotex", which produces tissue piggybacking EU preferences. In the midst of its customers’ — countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Czech Republic. But "Mogotex" supplies to the European market only about 3 percent of its own exports. Because, as he said Deputy Commercial Director Alexander Shamrey big failure of EU sanctions they did not expect:
"We have developed trade with Western Europe, that is so concerned. We main trade — Our homeland, Ukraine. Something will, but it is possible to change and diversify. While supplies to Western Europe have temper prestige rather than a large operation ".
Commission for disk imaging, duty Belarusian products will increase by 3 percent. What the loss of a whole bear the Belarusian economy, forecasts coincide professionals. For example, an economist at the non-governmental Institute for Privatization and Management Lena Rakov, implies:

"If it was not so painful, the Belarusian authorities would not be doing so much noise around this issue."

"I I can tell, that the horrors of the huge losses Belarus is very exaggerated. I am a supporter of the settlements, Belarus will lose up to 30 million dollars. In other words, it is not safe to faster economic and political point of view as a precedent. Who is excluded from one system — may be tomorrow be taken and other solutions. "
And oh so evaluates the effects of Belarus from the EU’s decision control research center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk
"Fundamentally question, maybe about $ 100 million, if we are talking about direct prices. All will depend on whether the tolling scheme stored with raw materials and processing. If now, then it is. But the next day, two years later, we may lose the whole industry, the whole enterprise. If it was not so painful, the Belarusian authorities would not be doing so much noise and the clique around this issue. "
• Belarus expelled from the Generalized System of Preferences, 18.06.2007
• A.Milinkevich ‘preferences are granted to countries in which certain standards are kept ", 16.06.2007

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