Now — the day of birth of Vasil Bykov

Vasil Bykov studied at the Vitebsk Art School, waged war, served in the Army, worked in Grodno newspaper. Since the early 1960s, the name Bykov becoming a huge literary fame not only in Belarus, and beyond. The creator of the novel "Dead Do not hurt", "Sotnikov", "symbol of failure", "Kar» er" and many other works translated over 50 languages.
Behalf of Vasil Bykov is inextricably linked with the process of state formation and the revival of Belarusian independence: he was a member of the Organizing Committee, and later the Diet Belarusian Popular Front, in the journalistic presentations and speeches at rallies supporting multi-million nationaldemocratic forces. Since 1998 he was obliged to live outside the mother land in Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Czech Republic. Died June 22, 2003 in the clinic in Borovlyany near Minsk. Vasil Bykov’s funeral was attended by several 10-s thousand people.
Vasil Bykov was not only a student, and the same creator of "Liberty" — specifically on the waves "Freedom" for the first time came to the fans of his work, many of his works, including and the book of memoirs, "Long Way Home."
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