NUMBER 13 lucky for the F-35 — American military experts

NUMBER 13 lucky for the F-35 - American military experts
Number 13 looks like a happy applets for the F-35, after 10 years of hard work this programm shows the long-awaited success, writes recognizable military analyst Loren Thompson (Loren Tompson, pictured) on the website of Forbes December 23.

Technical danger removed, flight tests conducted successfully, the price of the 1st aircraft continues to drop. Years of doubt passed, and the F-35 is no longer suspended.

Success applets has tremendous value for the U.S. and its allies. Three kinds of troops the U.S. Armed Forces adopted perceive these fighters that will form the basis of tactical aircraft to mid-XXI century. Will be purchased in the general difficulties in 2443 cars, and it is no exaggeration to say that the success of U.S. military operations will depend to a large extent on the use of the F-35. Fighters also acquire the latest generation in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Turkey and England.

F-35 should change fleet of combat aircraft during the war, cool, because it was created in 3 versions. For example, the F-35B version for the U.S. Marine Corps is required to be able to soar and land vertically, F-35C consumed from the deck of aircraft carriers filled with catapults and aerobatsplanes, F-35A for the Air Force must be flexible enough to meet the needs of numerous customers zabugornyh.

As a result, military aircraft fleet will receive affordable fighter fifth generation with unprecedented survivability, situational awareness, versatility, maintainability and the ability to work together with other aircraft. Affordable cost is crucial for supply to the world market, F-35 will occupy the same niche that held the F-16. F-35 will do battle tasks (conducting air battles, strikes against ground and sea targets, reconnaissance) is much more effective than the F-16. Adjusted for inflation, the end of this decade, the F-35 will cost no more than the F-16.

The program of flight tests of all 3 variants fighter contains a 8000 performance of flights. As of September this year, the aircraft flew more than 10,000 hours (last year conducted more tests onboard equipment than in the past 6 years). Half schedule flight tests completed without severe problems. Variant F-35B made more than 500 landings in vertical mode, proving that he is not dangerous to operate in areas of advanced combat deployment where no airstrips.

Production rate also increases. In 2011 it was delivered 11 cars in 2012 — 30, in 2013 — 36. Aircraft operational versions are tested in all 3 kinds of troops the U.S. Armed Forces, made the first deliveries to the Netherlands and England. December 13 of the assembly strip a mile (1850 m — approx. «VP») plant in Fort Worth was racked 100th Fighter F-35. Representatives of the company they say that the factory in Italy in 2014, will be performed the first European F-35. First 100 aircraft were distributed followed properly — 44 for the Air Force, 42 for the Commission, 14 for the U.S. Navy, 5 are made available to the Allies.

Price of the aircraft was the seventh installment of only half of the price of the first batch of aircraft. The U.S. government believes that the costs of development and operation of 2443 fighters for 50 years will amount to 857 billion dollars compared with the original estimate of $ 1.1 trillion

Since the 1930s, aeronautical engineers were that the price of the aircraft decreases together with the increase rate of release and accumulation of production experience. The program F-35 achieves these characteristics, the main question is — whether taxpayers will be able to purchase these most modern fighters in the world at a reasonable cost.

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