Offered: another decree to remove the elderly pension

Zinoviev: "I think. after dictatorship was elected mayor of Minsk check vygadnasts contracts with home "biznesmeryyay" Moscow. "
Man: "My wife works in Soligorsk on the 4th mine. They came a new labor code. Excluded articles there on the heavy work experience harmful off, night shifts. How long will it be? What to do for this? How to prevent it? This groom has all workers. And you start to protest, will sit. What more do? "
Retired, Grodno region. "Favorit Belarusian trade Leonid Kozik in the program" Big Politics "Belarusian television said as he defended the interests of workers in Belarus, that the West did not deprive us of trade preferences. Unfortunately, did not work. Apparently it prevent him to raise the issue the deprivation of benefits the elderly, students and others at home. Quite time. President has not yet signed the decree. "
Lady: "In connection with the new presidential decree on austerity to fill the coffers of the Belarusian Offering: another decree to remove from the elderly to retire the summer season at one hundred percent, one hundred percent transferring their salaries to surrender bottles and waste paper. With all This neeksklyuzyvny take this product only for the passport to tax it later to 20%. So makarom, can immediately destroy 3 things: make Belarus more prosperous city even cleaner, releasing it in the end from the state because of unnecessary elderly. I consider this a very profitable business, in other words in Belarus do not drink and do not litter just kids. "
Leonid Pliska. Gomel: "Today I heard on the Belarusian radio speech of the Minister of Health, and he said that the payment will be increased med.persanalu younger. That is correct. Needs not only younger, and add the rest. Long since was necessary do. And in-2-he had that reduced disability. But pochetaemy not explained to the Minister of Health, thereby reduce disability. Due to mortality? Either due to the fact that the benefits are taken? It would be interesting to find out. Need to minister to the end to express their thoughts. "
Evgenij Kozlov, Orsha: "Good morning, pochetaemaya" Freedom! "It amazes me some attitude on Citizens interviewed on the streets of the capital, to the fact George Bush extension of sanctions against Lukashenko for a year and his senior bureaucrats. They resent. So what did you want, President to democratic America applauded anti-popular, anti-democratic regime in Belarus, which conducts harmful policy for the future of civilization, to support dictator, who is friends with the same dictator, approve all his misdeeds How to case give sense to realize Lukashenko that the civilized world is wrong? "

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