Older kids in the family» younger and smarter?

The scientific debate on this topic have been conducted for more than half a century. According to statistics, indeed, those who have older brothers or sisters, harder to reach them intelektualnastsi factor.
Typically, scientists have tended to bio reasons. Say, how would a reasonable child, from time to time it is clear even before conception. Also wrote a lot of configurations in the processes of pregnancy associated with other, third and following childbirth.
Norwegian researchers Peter and Thor Krystansen Berkedal write that a prerequisite for this — not biological birth order. Decisive recognized the fact, or you are a senior, middle or youngest child in the family. In other words, the index of the mind is a consequence of the dynamics of the home.
Scientists have proved that if, for example, killed the eldest child and his place is in the middle, then he has the opportunity to become as smart as he was born.
The scientists tested a thousand 241 310 Norwegian boys. In a family with 3 babies coefficient intelektualnastsi senior was almost three Fri higher than in subsequent brother or sister, these — already four Fri higher than that of those who followed them. In those families where the eldest son died during the first year of life, according to the subsequent presidency showed an average level of the mind born. If a family with 3 babies died two older, third, who survived, had a ratio of the average first-born mind.
The most common explanation — that the ancestors with great enthusiasm at the senior kids. And even when the youngest is still a long time senior has more comprehensive parental attention, which enriches their vocabulary and an ability to reason in store.
But the birth of a new baby on time reduces mental resource family. Naturally, Jr. has the ability to use their position, gain from the older brain. But older, passing on their knowledge of the younger, allegedly as teachers give lessons younger brothers and sisters. And, as well as for teachers, the lessons for them are often more useful than students.
But genius from time to time and grow from the younger. Narvestsy write that the younger ones who have grown up in the shadow of the older, from time to time live more risky and provocative life. They may engage in unsafe competitions embark on an adventurous journey. They tend be more extraordinary than firstborns.
So much in the history of mankind provocative and influential figures who have spent a lifetime in the shadow of an older brother or sister. Charles Darwin was the fifth of six children. Nicolaus Copernicus was the smallest of the four. But, in the midst of Nobel Prize winners over the firstborn, which are more prone to long logical research than the desire to revolutionize the world in an instant.

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