Oleg Korban: The verdict has no effect on the follow-up

Malady was charged with participation in an unregistered organization. Recall favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich is serving 18 months in prison in Shklou bullpen with the same accusation.
In the Tribunal Russian district of Minsk now came a few 10’s of people — politicians, public figures, young activists of the democratic movement, the ancestors of the accused, as Vyacheslav Dashkevich — his father’s favorite "Young Front".
On the dock
According to the verdict, Dmitri Fedoruk has to pay a fine of 40 basic units (about $ 600). Dmitry recalled that in the democratic movement — thousands of friends from unregistered organizations.
Zmiter Fedoruk so commented sentence:
"So makarom power can currently very excellent patch a hole in our budget, because many young people who are unregistered movement. This" Young Front ", and others. Just at the moment you can each" ripped off "by 8 thousand dollars or 500, 100 bucks — etc..’s so makarom and correct our budget to run this economy in police our country . "
Oleg Korban must pay 30 baselines. Same — Haretski and Alexei Januszewski, who was tried in absentia.
Voice Oleg Korban:
"The verdict has no effect on the follow-up. I already enrolled in the Kiev Institute of Taras Shevchenko on international law.’ll Educate and engage in active work in the democratic movement in Belarus.’ll Be trained in the correspondence department, but I will live here."
Haretski added:
"Such a small sentence, of course, connected with the international and civilian support, which was provided by the case of" Young Front ". Around court structure is a mass action on its own unprecedented extent.
Yesterday it was seven and a half hours besperapynaga protest against the illegal trial of Malady. I pray every day — and I hope that Dashkevich too soon to be released. Certainly, and Arthur, and all other political prisoners, and including, Kozulin. "
16-year-old Anastasia Palazhanka Tribunal warned about criminal responsibility in the case of a return to crime.
Anastasia said, "Freedom", which does not consider himself an offender:
"I do not understand what I should repent and who ask for forgiveness. I think my position is clear. I am proud that I’m in" Yuen front. "
Head of OSCE Mission Oke Peterson believes that the newcomer article of the Criminal Code does not comply with international law and allows the authorities to prosecute individuals for their political activity.
"I believe that this law is not bad. It will badly influence the situation. Law does not conform to the OSCE. Now I see how it is used. This is not for the benefit of Belarus."
Within 10 days after the announcement of the verdict on the Young convicted extends house arrest.
Computers, disks and literature that the KGB seized during the search, the court confiscated in favor of the country.

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