On prazdnichek St. Euphrosyne does not include all

Started prazdnichek festive prayer service in St. Sophia Cathedral, which is sent to the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret. After held a procession to the monastery of Saint Euphrosyne, where had pass the main celebrations. Total to pay homage to the celestial zactupnitsy walked over 2-thousand faithful. In the main, it was an old lady.
Venerate St. Euphrosyne, but did not work out at all. Before entering the monastery people blocked the road cordon of police officers. Since both sides of the street was blocked by steel parapet, there was a crush. People were asked to open the parapet, but the police is not allowed to do that. In the end, some of the people went into the adjoining courtyard while others were ordered vorachivatsya ago. In the crush someone became ill and soon the monastery gate there was a car "ambulance". Says one of the congregation:
"Once a year, on June 5, the holy day for all Belarusians I try to get to Saint Euphrosyne convent. But what’s happening Now, it is impossible to explain. As usual, came to the monastery, and here is a great weight and will not let anyone, because, they say, must come himself. To do this, believers are under the hot sun and expect when they let in the area of the monastery. "
All these woes were related to the arrival of the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, who drove an hour to the monastery. Then he looked at recently opened XII stagodyadya frescoes in the Church of the Saviour, and received from the hands of Bishop Filaret of the Order of St. Vladimir — Russian supreme merit Orthodox Church.
Prazdnichkom on the walls of the cathedral was consecrated Kryzhavzvizhanskaga restored river where this pair will be the relics of St. Euphrosyne. Authentic River was destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1922 and its two obscure photo returned maytar Nikolai Kuzmich, who returned to life svoychas Holy Cross and St. Euphrosyne which are rightfully called Lazarus Bogsch our time. Master says Nikolai Kuzmich:
(Kuzmich :) "Three years eight months and worked on the restoration of the river. I can not judge the work that came out. This reduction on the standard and likeness, and not a copy. Think the most important thing here — might Euphrosyne. And the river — it’s a worthy addition to her memory, and the memory of our masters, Lazar Bogsha memory and all our Protz. "
In the photo: Nikolai Kuzmich

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