Opened the third International Festival of Christian movies

"Magnificat" — the first and perhaps the only festival in Belarus, which begins vigil in the presence of all the participants.
So it was now in the village on Udzieła Glybochchyne, which has become the informal capital of the Film Forum. This year it involved 43 papers from 14 countries. This is three times more than the first, said the chairman of the festival, filmmaker Yuri Hurulyou:
"So much of how many have applied this year, we have to This time was not. And the most important thing — I’m responsible for it as the creator — we did not have such strong competition, as it is this year. This is really a festival which quality can pazaydrostsits though what a festival of documentary films. Two years we are not awarded the Grand Prix, but This year the jury will be in a very difficult position, because some tapes outright claim to the prize. "
Among the most noticeable of entries — Art filmstrip Cardinal Kazimir Sventaka. Ambiguous on genres and themes tape filmmakers France, Canada, Ecuador and other states. They are all dedicated to a weak and vulnerable — children, the disabled, single people.
As in previous years, Festival is open to people of all faiths and secular organizations that promote human values, says the director of the celebration, the priest Alexander Amelchenya:
"It turns out that there were severe Belarusian television projects on the development of spirituality. And you have to see Belarusian films presented this year is very extensive. And it amuses us, as we find a fraction of what we own contribution to did . "
Another feature of the festival is its portability — within 4 days Competitive views and tours will also be held in the villages Mosar, and all the men and deepest in the district center.
By its end all participating films will be placed a day or browsing the Web.

Similar festival in the Christian movies European statesah spend Poland. The city Nepakalyanav spend his Franciscan monks. Church and monastery of the Franciscans have also in the Belarusian village of inheritance, which became the center of the festival «Magnificat».

• The festival opened «Magnificat 2007»,, 21.06.2007

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