Or delivered in the furniture business names of corrupt officials?

According to Ministry of Internal Affairs investigative council for a day or for consideration Supreme Tribunal transferred sonorous thing — so called "Furniture". In fact portrayed 7 persons, three of them — senior customs officials, others — businessmen. The most recognizable — Yuri Tent, Director of "Domus". Since 2002, they have established supplies to Belarus Italian luxury furniture, bypassing customs legislation. Helped them senior customs officials. Investigator Dmitry Jaros says about 7 million bucks virtually loss budget:
"As a result, the budget is not reached duty 8 billion rubles, and all the defendants caused losses to the state amounting to more than 13 billion rubles."
At the press conference were not heard the names of high-ranking officials who took an elite Italian furniture and the accused certain services. Also unclear whether these names in the business. Meanwhile Observers ask the accused businessmen avoided customs laws after 2003, when customs officers appearing in "the furniture business," were arrested? That "furniture assembly flow" three years outside the law provided the rich and elite suit recognizable faces, investigators confirmed and oh so it was possible, not been explained.
What is the situation in the Municipal Customs Committee? Once a year, the 10-ki customs officers go to the tribunal, and the situation is not corrected. Managing the Interior Ministry Sergei surplus, whose subordinates are investigating "the furniture business," refused to give comments on this dilemma. Comments until the end of the process and abstained in the Municipal Customs Committee.
Oleg Ignatenko in the 1990s. worked in the Control Chamber of the Supreme Council and the presidential administration. He recalled that at the time was the issue of cleaning personnel in the midst of customs officers, because corruption there was 90%. According views Oleg Ignatenko, currently in the midst of customs corruption less, but get rid of it completely fails. Why?
"It seems to me that there is some real enthusiasm for this service by the presidential administration. According to my sources, up to 30 percent of the budget fills customs, and also have the ability to fill different shadow budgets that never accounted for. This is a major, and as for the organization of work the system, then it is nobody cares. "
At a press conference in investigative asked really arrested last Fri customs control "Kozlovichi" Vitaly Dudik, who is a relative of the former chairman of the KGB Stepan Sukharenko. Policeman Sergei excesses nor denied this information, but saw that "it does not matter to the furniture business."

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