Orderly Minsk do not like commercial kiosks?

Offer Fedor Germanovich prohibit operation of commercial stalls sounded at the daily briefing in Minsk City Hall on June 18.
Now deputy governor of Minsk City Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology Victor explained Chelny own superior expression:
"Yeah, no it’s not an initiative. Drilling chore already tired to explain. Our daily work, but someone raised some wave … Drilling check kiosk or store completes what? If there are drawbacks, ie, close to or on sanden such time as the deficiencies are eliminated. spelling — are locked open. sansluzhb This ordinary work. techs in sight also falls state of ordering areas. In other words, putting things in order, as usual, around the booth. And each case is considered separately. Once a day we open or close any facilities — that barber shop then, but never had such excitement. "
Problem: convenience or aesthetics?
On one of the streets of Minsk in a commercial kiosk Mrs. acquires mineral water. Retell her chapters offer Sanitary Service of Minsk. Mrs. commented as follows: once again sacrificed for the sake of convenience of aesthetics:
"Of course, comfortable. Especially when you go to work, on the road to buy some trifle, the same chocolates or a bottle of beer. I do wonder: why our country everyone is trying to do not seem to be for the people? And you can and will be all fine, sanitary, but — uncomfortable. And I would like, so it was all the same for humans and not for beauty. "
Owner of the 1st of the stalls in the center of town seems to Vadim. He says, afterdnie a couple of years he waits for the elimination of their own business. On the history of sanitary condition with adjoining land, says Vadim, hosts stalls blamed popularization of beer because they are trading in this drink.
"Yes populist absolute measure. Just as I think, is an attempt to absolve themselves of all responsibility. If something happens somewhere (someone abapivsya beer and put someone in the face), then hurry bureaucrats say everything we could, we did. In other words, prepyadstviya removed at the root. But the authorities provoked the conflict, on this basis, they constantly appear. In varying degrees, they manage to slow down, but just by the conflicts provoked by these restrictions. "
"We will trade under the counter"
Most of the stalls — personal. If you remove them, a few hundred people will be unemployed. One of the activists of the movement of entrepreneurs Anatoly Shumchanka hopes that businesses will be able to protect their interests in the conflict:
"In general entrepreneurship present day is completely in limbo. But I I wish to say this: no matter what the ordinances, resolutions, we will survive and we will very much alive. If it substantially. If we even useless this state, the the most important thing, we need people. This is the most fundamental, and therefore we will. Leave a shadow, if need be, somewhere under the counter to trade will be somewhere razbyazhymsya home. But we will survive. A fool is in the government itself, which does not wish to be aware of the simple things: the world need to be friends, "mercy" and "nurture". Just not because Lukashenko "loves" opposition. "

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