Orthodox Pushkin makes a mosaic in the church

Ales Pushkin recognizes that beat out of life for more than two weeks — could not get in a day spread over stones square decimeter. But by the end of the week he means quite complete image of St. John the Baptist. Now one of the most important steps — laying on the edges of gold leaf. In the following days of the painter will be put in order the whole mosaic. When the system will be removed forests held the consecration prayer of gratitude — "the forces of hell will not win":
"Mosaic was invented by me in the Byzantine style with Greek inscriptions (also take into account that there are worship services on Sundays Greek Catholics). John the Baptist — This beautiful image of Christianity. This first holy prophet who lived in the desert, covered with camel wool and hair, eating locusts (insect) and feral honey. He baptized our Lord Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.
I took the Byzantine canon plan: he holds a golden cup in the bowl on reddish background lies the small Christ blessing with his right hand. Baptist serious, but the surprise on his face. By the way, I was very hard to pass mosaic face, emotion, because it is absolutely not what the brush. So thorough and languorous work, especially the stones lay expression — wonder of the future Messiah. But many people questioned: see the surprise on the face of John the Baptist, a small bagaveylivasts before Christ? And many answers: yes, it’s all there. "
Restored image
This is not the first work Ales Pushkin for the chapel of St. John the Baptist. The collaboration started with the time when the abbot Igor Lashuk tried to return the church to believers in Raubichi. Then there is a need to return the Mother of God Rovbitsky — historical image measuring just 18×24 centimeters, written on copper, which knights wore under armor. In 2001, the then Bishop blessed sketch Kirill Klimovich, icon was made, consecrated, but church authorities did not. At the same time the designer Alexei Eremenko designed the chapel of John the Baptist, which found shelter after the image and esteem, topped with precious stones and jewelry sets.
Another work of Pushkin in the chapel — stained with 2 angels in the chancel window. And this year, during a visit to Belarus Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, by the Rector mature plan Roman mosaic of St. John the Baptist in a niche on the facade of the church.
As the Ales Pushkin, for the work he undertook with enthusiasm because it was free to implement its own plan. He is convinced that the Catholic Church one way or another moves up over time. But in the Orthodox Church, in his belief there is no awareness of creative freedom, and all based on performance of the millennial canons. And in this artist also made sure their own experience.
Political hell
More than 10 years ago by the Orthodox confession Ales Pushkin undertook to paint the inner walls of the church in the Beavers. Sketch was approved in 1995, it had figures without faces, more precisely, "scheme" location of sinners in hell and the righteous in paradise.
But as the painter, he always tries to do so in the works reflected segodnyaschy era. When in 1996 were the first cases of violent dispersal of shares of government opponents, hand, he says, drew herself in the midst of sinners who are not afraid of earthly court, figures like Alexander Lukashenko and his entourage, and riot police led by Colonel Paulichenka. And was in the midst of other Metropolitan Filaret, who condemned the use of force against civilians. Father when he saw the mural, of course, almost lost consciousness. In the end, the file had to gloss over — wall darkened and could just see the outline of hell. But while the system dismantled forests, dry wall and anti-again "climbed":
"It’s been many years and I wish for you to say, never regret that I did it. Let it" derznavenne "was not for me, because I’m ordinary painter, not an arbitrator, nor a prosecutor to decide the degree of culpability for municipal crime. But Russification is a fact, a fact of disappearance, there a violation of the oath — swore under the arms of "race" and the white-red-white flag, but now it’s different. These facts rather that the responsibility for the fate of the empire man standing on God’s judgment. "
Reporter: "Is it true that" hell "in the Beavers struggled personally Metropolitan Filaret?"
Pushkin: "March 4, 2005 Secretary of the Minsk diocese Fr Nicholas Korzhich with 2 unknown to me to this day the painters came to Beaver by car, with stairs, with all the tools, the priest gave the order to open the temple and all painted over. It was only May 22, 2005 Metropolitan Filaret visited the temple, and hallowed it. He became a real canonical operating temple. Previously, since he wrote the frescoes in 1996 and until 2005, he was also an active church, but not in the registry temples Russian Orthodox Church in Belarus. Could not sanctify because of this mural. "
On-site Pushkin hell rebelled Orthodox canon XVI century "Judgement day". It is significant that any shooting this fresco prohibited — of course, that does not appear similar to the one that hides under the latest paint.

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