OSCE and the Belarusian authorities have found a common theme for journalists

Press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov states that the authorities in Minsk supported the idea of the seminar:
"The initiative came from the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. He came to us with a proposal to hold the event. A proposal was supported by the Belarusian side."
Journalists from colleagues from non-state media had no time to hear how hard they work to obtain the necessary information in the municipal structures. Deputy head editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Koktysh Aware of his own experience:
"I believe that in primarily all depends on the person who heads the press service. For instance, I really Like how a spokesman for the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin. He does not divide journalists to "bona fide" and "dishonest". It provides information, tips, in a word, really helps. It can be accessed with at least some occasion. Here it works fine.
And there is a whole other examples. Say, the press office of the Committee of state security. Usually they can not call because they have a standard answer: "We leave this event without comment." And that’s press office on my eyes, work in any way. Besides, their is not updated the site on the web, no news reports. "

"I love how the spokesman for the State Olympic Committee. A press service of the KGB works in any way."

The Belarusian side in organizing a seminar to help the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National press center. But the Belarusian Association of Journalists, says Deputy Chairman Andrei Bastunets, does not go into the workshop organizers. Some members of the association only invited to the seminar in person.
Bastunets believes that the theme of the seminar could be another:
"More and more urgent research topic that looks like the Belarusian authorities carried tips sovereign Haraszti, which he did in 2005. A chosen theme, maybe indicates, found that the least sensitive issues. "
Miklos Haraszti in 2005 suggested that the Belarusian authorities to use the ability of the Bureau, which he heads. This is necessary, as noted at the time the emperor Haraszti, "to assist the Government in improving the situation of the media in the near future, and in the long term." At least, it was proposed to the authorities to carry out judicial reform, as well abandon the limitations of the existing regulations.

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