Our homeland is willing to do kranty Belarusian economy, and for one and the Belarusian statehood

Man: "I want to express my outlook on yesterday’s transmission Radio Liberty" Prague accent, "is dedicated to the deprivation of Belarus trade preferences for breach Human Rights. In my opinion, for people ignorant of this program and have not figured out what the rights of workers and trade unions have been violated. And in general in this transfer dominated demagogue Seva Yanchevskii. He graduated from the transfer. On my eyes, needed more time to other members who might be more arguments than it was to answer this demagoguery. Needed also invite a representative-independent trade unions. "
Man: "That’s news to cancel. Somewhere reverse heard half an hour on Belarusian television, it seems that Alexander Averkov leads announcements. So he or purpose, or an old habit, said that preparing prazdnichek liberation of Belarus. A certain parade will take place on Avenue specifically about Masherova stele Hero-City. Or specifically, or "ice is broken" … Can you verify this information? Anyone else confirm. Though the midst of your audience is not enough adherents BT. And I’m the case went to a friend and this was so to speak lapse. Or maybe the truth is the ice is broken? Thank you for your attention. "
Vladimir, Polotsk: "Our" elected nationwide leader ", said:" Well, think, deprived us of preferential trade preferences with the EU. This loss of 300-400 million dollars, we would not even notice. "Then Alexander G., of course, not far from the truth. Naturally, neither he nor his entourage of the loss not to notice. Neither of his own pocket the money they throw. This loss soon felt by ordinary people for themselves in the form of cancellation of privileges and uncontrolled rise in prices. "
Victor Butto, Minsk: "About the Belarusian independence or bureaucratic independence. This independence provides the executive authorities or their representatives who produce over flogging though how a citizen of the Republic of Belarus of 1991. Produce illegal dismissal and discrimination in employment or device for study, making a huge hidden unemployment, lack of justice and ensure justice for all areas of Belarus and outside the country, and even produce a real criminal banditry or genocide against many citizens in the Republic of Belarus. A similar happened in Russian Union. "
Lady: "In your opinion, democracy in Belarus will come when Bush and his allies will be able to put at the head of our country’s own intelligence. God forbid. What does it lead, as exemplified in Georgia, the Baltic states and Ukraine … Evraamerykanskim aggressor Like as their aim to impose their policies dictate all live because they hunt. As for the Belarusian opposition, they are ordinary gavkaly, mediocrity that immodestly pour gryazyuka Lukashenko on everywhere, even at a party, and are proud of these shameful behavior because rely on the support of foreign aggressors. With this opposition must be done because it was manufactured in time in Oman. "
Lady: "Here heard Yermoshina said that there will be elections in 2008.’s It for me and for our sick people, and officials satisfaction. Already discussions that will for Lukashenko. Let it direct orders in Israel. How much will we torturing those Lukashenko? Lukashenko let resigned coming! necessary that he have not tortured. "
Lady: "Listen mate expression and Yancheuski all the same I can not believe that in the midst of us this time palitzombi there. But if you hand perfectly gilded, then just make sure it is dark snowy. If both hands are gilded, and even then on whole world say that we have political prisoners. "
Man: "imposing Belarus except oil and gas stranglehold besides nuclear, Our homeland is willing to do kranty Belarusian economy, and for one and the Belarusian statehood."

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