Our homeland Poland and argue about the meat supply

Pronouncing in Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Warsaw should "see a positive signal from the Russian side," namely the willingness of Russia to open up its own market for the export of live cattle from Poland.
Meanwhile foreign minister Affairs Anna Fotyga said that such statements indicate an increase Putin embargo.
"I wish to say is true — up This time Russian embargo bows live animals, so Putin’s words — it’s almost an extension of the embargo, and not some "positive signal" — said Mrs. Fotyga.
Meanwhile Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister Andrzej Leper, commenting on Russian president said that "Putin or poorly informed, or it’s just izymatelstvo over Poland. "
Embargo on exports to Russia Polish meat products, and later plant origin was introduced in the fall of Moscow 2005 immediately after, in Poland came to power right-wing forces. Poland believes that sanctions have only Russian political temper.
In response, Warsaw blocked negotiations between the EU and Russia in the new partnership agreement.

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