Our people can impale long, but not infinitely

I will begin with a discussion of correspondence with our listener Alexei Kolchin of Mogilev.
14 June on the website of "Liberty" is located a message entitled "in Mogilev left public organizations that would be engaged in the recovery of kids."
It was about children affected by Chernobyl, and they are invited to stay for themselves on foreign charities. On the same day we received a critical response to this publication Alexei Kolchin. In his letter he wrote to electric:
"I’m a listener (and reader website) your radio with a significant experience, it could not pass without going through. What in Mogilev Tipo left public organizations that are engaged in rehabilitation to the children, — speak out so true. My daughter at the moment "healthier" abroad, where it was brought in exactly such a company.
Know of at least two non-governmental organizations … So this is not quite the humanitarian sphere "monopolized by the state." Force, please, your correspondents to be more accurate. "

Receipt of this message, we immediately set out in finding out the facts.
It turned out that the license for the right to engage in the recovery of non-governmental organizations really do not have, but occasionally bypass the restrictions formally seeing the children, for example, on holiday or on excursions. In this publication we have brought editing, and from Alexei Kolchin received another letter the following content:
"Amazed responsiveness of your radio, thank you. I just introduced myself to that one of the hundreds of parents who send their own kids to the healthy (perhaps de jure — on vacation, but do not doubt that in fact all are aimed specifically recovery ), reading that note.
What can loaf person who sent the baby using just the same public organization? I can imagine that the credibility of the main premise of the material (on municipal monopoly in improving children) it will be low.
And this, as often they say, "questionthe man"Not much to do before that the social organization is likely to have a guardian somewhere in the executive committee, as it is not the fact that it has a license for improvement, respectively (the title of the organization will not tell because your reading as I know, not only in their respective services, and, for example, in the ideological department of the executive committee of the same — I’m afraid to hurt).
This "common man", I think, not enough care and that this organization can be focused first on bureaucratic kids (for example, through the mechanism of selection Merkle kids). This, again, "the common man" knows just sent the kid abroad and to help him in this state is not a monopoly.
And there are organizations that send kids on a "recovery" branded exchanges, recreation, and some of them generally are not registered and this activity — something like a public initiative.
And in general, the problem of rising correspondent state monopolization of activities (and many others) — indeed, the very topical and principled.
Maybe even her little attention is paid to the material. Could to test, for example, to collect some statistics in this case (although, of course, it is quite hard to do). "
Thanks to you, Alex, for a fascinating letter, for the help in covering topics. Such advice and amendments listeners are very important for us.
With regard to substantive comments about how so called "normal people" will take an apparent contradiction: the license for improvement in public organizations there, and kids abroad to correct it somehow manages.
Naturally, the emperor Alex, we are interested to have this man have confidence in our publications. And confidence is only when we tell the truth, explain why it happened.
The truth is that public organizations in order to engage in a useful and appropriate business people are obliged to dissemble, dodge and dvulichnichat — because in such conditions they set their decisions bureaucrats.
Our listener Boris Rut’kov from Minsk to own a brand new letter to "freedom" talks about the current economic situation in Belarus:
"Now for me to say: the crisis in the municipal enterprises in Belarus, neither fall nor in the coming year will not be. And the financial crisis in the country in the near term is not anticipated. Why?
Yes so Our homeland that buys 50 percent of "Beltransgaz". 500 million bucks for it has already been received, and later there will be new and new listing. So Makarov, Russian money through all the holes will be covered by cash.
A means there will be no mass protests of workers, students, teachers, doctors …
If Lukashenko dare implement RF and something else-nibudt of strategic facilities, the Russian management and can generally return Belarus discounted prices for gas and oil.
And then, suddenly, appear in the Belarusian countryside Russian missile defense system, and even nuclear missile base. And everything goes to the unification of Belarus and Russia in one of the new government and the revival of the USSR. "

500 million bucks Rut’kov sovereign, not the amount that can save the Belarusian economy. Yearly loss from a sharp increase in the price Russian oil and gas are measured by several billion dollars.
And year after year, these losses will rise — once already announced price increases on Russian fuel.
With regard to the ability of the revival of the USSR … The thought of so-called "union building" over the past decade has been so discredited that a speedy return to it now looks something indescribable. Especially since, that its appeal to people of the former Russian republics each year only decreases.
Last week in Belarus celebrated the 83rd anniversary of Vasil Bykov — majestic Belarusian writer, who for four years no longer with us. On the waves of "Freedom" sounded a detailed report from the village Bulls Usha District, homeland Bykov.
In today’s mail — a letter from our friend Konstantin Syrelya with Ushachi, who was at the event and whose own memories of what he saw:
"It was very shameful. Precisely, speaking in Russian, I practically" SHAME washed ", and here’s why. Came to the celebration Alexander Milinkevich, Vladimir Orlov, Zinaida Bondarenko, Olga Ipatova Vladimir Kolos, many others.
But there was no 1st white teacherRussian language and literature — from at least one school district. There was no one from the district department of culture, nor with the Department of Education.
Came a few kids (probably to grandparents came on vacation), and two or three local residents.
District authorities, not to mention regional or national, event ignored. Not found it necessary to stay on it and journalists of our regional newspaper "Patriot".
Distance from Ushachi Bychkov, if you go by road through Cherepovschina rather short, only 20 km. 20 minutes drive lazy. Ill-fated three liters of petrol there and back.
Excluding me from the district center of the district and generally do not have any. Well, at least for my own enthusiasm who came!
With all the authorities have long been clear: pazhylachki shaking for their rucksacks. But how can circumvent such a significant event for the region, a local journalist (at least not on this day, and for the future) — this is for me lurking.
Excuse me, pochetaemy Vasily Vladimirovich own countrymen. It will take time — and in the central square Ushachi monument will stand for you and not Lenin.
By the way, the monument to Lenin aptly called the participants of the celebration of "head" (such it is — tasteless, massive, with a disproportionately large head, on the shoulders of committed, apparently, was not enough bronze).
It will take time — and Bychkov will gather hundreds vushachan and literature teacher here will carry their own students. It would be. And yet — I am sorr
y, Vasily Vladimirovich ".

No doubt, Constantine, what exactly the way it happens. I think you yourself have become witnesses of such events. And Usha village in Belarus will Gobies such as known as Kupalovskaya Vyazynka and Kolas Nikolaevshina.
At the end — a short letter, which will leave without comment.
We wrote Joseph Tiuna from Minsk:
"Our people can impale a long time, but not endlessly. Anyway, time will come when the hype gets out, like an awl out of the bag. If Lukashenko came to power, it promised to help the poor and helpless — pensioners, the disabled … We voted for him all these years. And specifically it selects from us at this time benefits that helped us to survive. So, we are now for it — waste material, the world can not be ignored? "
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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