PAIR Su-30, F-5, «Typhoon» and «Mirage 2000» SEQUENTIALLY Interception «hijacked» aircraft

PAIR Su-30, F-5,

November 7 French Air Force announced a further year regular maneuvers within applets «5 +5» established to ensure safety, namely, combating thefts of commercial aircraft by terrorists.
Agreement «5 +5» was signed in 2004 and contains 5 European (Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal) and 5 of the Union of African Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia).
October 30 during the last scientists transport aircraft C-130 Hercules Algerian Air Force did the role of commercial Airbus, which fell into the hands of terrorists. Command centers participating countries exchanged information on maneuvers flying C-130 aircraft and provided intercepting fighters.
C-130 was initially alternately intercepted fighters Su-30 Algerian Air Force, then flew a pair of F-5 Tunisian, Italian Eurofighter Typhoon and French Mirage-2000C (the last of the squadron 2/5 «Ile de France», Orange base, pictured) .

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