Paul Seviarynets Belarus needs a revolution of conscience

Paul Seviarynets — ’32. Belarusian youth Christian politician and publicist, one of the founders of the "Young Front" and the last political prisoner. Finished school with a gold medal and Geography Faculty of BSU.
In 1995 he joined the BNF Seviarynets "Revival". Four years was Deputy Chairman BPF. From 1999 to 2004 — a favorite "Young Front". In 2005 Paul was accused of organizing protests and until 2007 served time in logging in Polotsk small village Sitna. Currently working on a revival political party "Belarusian Christian Democracy".
Our next public editor — creator of several books, winner of the literary prize of the Belarusian PEN-center after A. Adamovich.
Here are some excerpts of his publications:
… As Christians, we should be able to separate the sin from the sinner. Believe that even the most fanatical communist heartily repented before God, receive forgiveness. But communism itself — is not one as a practice, and as wicked, brutal, class, destructive ideology — the evil that has no justification. The current "municipal ideology" in comparison with communism — a solid, sorry, the declaration Human Rights.
… Belarus asks if i revolution — a revolution of conscience. Again padkreslim: in primarily Revolution is not retribution, pragmatism or class hatred — of conscience!
… I in terms of today’s Belarus state dependence, oppression of democracy and the decline of the public is drawn strong ideological applets Renaissance. Defeat and the premise that it spawned, can be destroyed only by restoring the legitimacy and independence of cultivating love for the country and neighbor, supratsstayuchy rampant alcoholism, crime, corruption, violence, supporting the oppressed at the moment the church and family. Nationwide repentance, faith as a powerful engine of change, Kryshtaleve moral purity — that’s the priority tasks of political leadership in modern Belarus.
… Any dose of a heresy, pride, indifference, fear among the opposition twice terrible. We ourselves carry within themselves the Chernobyl reactor sin, which can lead to disintegration of the country — and must bear the consequences.
Anyone who opposes molestation, violence, lawlessness, criminalization spoyvannyu Belarusian people, — liquidator dictatorship. After the spiritual Chernobyl radiation worse, Belarus can only be saved through national awakening.
… A thousand years ago here, with Polochchiny began Belarus, European and Christian. To me, this forest, this fate has been given, so that in the end to push off from the bottom and return to the true, complete and supreme freedom — the state of awakening.

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