Peacocks can be used instead of guard dogs

Vladimir Bantsevich — recognizable in Belarus "lawn". Collected together with his wife Tatiana on Polesian swamps drug they were processed for medicines and pharmaceutical drinks. But in the past year has led tribunal Kobrin district: Bantsevichy engaged in activities without a license, and sentenced the owner of 3.5 years of "chemistry."
Sovereign Bantsevich complains that unfair, in his opinion, the punishment prevents another project — the creation of the farm for feeding peacocks. It has not only the design documentation, but contracts with zoos Riga and Moscow to purchase exotic bird eggs. A couple of years farmers raise a dozen peacocks in the yard, get accustomed to their character and behavior. With sovereign Tatiana and Vladimir go to the "base":
"Gradually, as they beat them like this … if several are kept in backyards, so it is also for the protection …".
"Yes, it appears in something instead of dogs. Indeed they strangers, to be honest, not really perceive. Own already know, but when someone comes a stranger, it can and rush. Especially if someone else alone, unaccompanied by the owner .. . Krasa, right? "
"We are just at the moment for beauty … beautiful bird. A beeps like, You have not heard …"
Reporter: "They say, very similar to the crows?"
"On the whole village, who may not like it. Their because in town and do not hold even in the personal sector, because the voice is heard for seven miles. Especially this summer something noisily can these young females they do not like?".
Main "singer" Kobrin
Itself for itself pavlinagadovlya — a risky thing. Although adult bird over time and converted to being undemanding to feeding also just wrap frosts, but small chicks — creating a very gentle:
"Yes, they are very gentle. Not so long ago we rescued a small Pavlinka. Having caught three female, one start dying. For all directories if you read, it is all — take it and bury. We went into everyday pharmacy took antivirals" human "Bactericidal …" (At this time, one of the peacocks gave voice — penetrating and sonorous)
Reporter: "But then," vociferous … "
"Oh, far heard. This he refers to as his country — click. Either female still so calling. Handsome’re our …"
"So now, we have cured that Pavlinka. If that Tipo and healing can not be. Something on her eyes spilled over, but found the Vishnevsky ointment began to smear. Anyway, helped. After all funds paid, and it is a living creature. And later sorry: padrastsili already. "
Peacock or promising market?
I was fortunate to not only hear the "divine voice" peacock, and behold in all its glory its main pride — tail.
Meanwhile ask the owners: to whom can Actually Belarus intrigue such exotica?
"Meat from them more decorative direction. Tipo and edible, but we do not use them in food. Because, frankly, it’s a pity there is such a bird. The main banquets as pheasants style. Take meat, make meatballs and stuff, and the very highest part of doing like a scarecrow and put in prominent places on the table. "
"At the moment, many people with estates. And they are willing to take for the sake of scenery peacocks. And if it is already gone, then, of course, on the banquet event for the rich. We planned the country’s only peacock farm. Already agreed to purchase the white and grayish birds (we just grayish). Also already have withdrawn a hundred percent dark, and "eyes" on the tail reddish. And as to me there’s this "confusion", Belarus remained without this farm. "
In general, and with the money viewpoint breeding peacocks — It’s not available:
"70 bucks — this is when a large chicken. And for 3 females we gave almost 400 bucks. Quite small as poult — 60 thousand rubles. Peacock Adult — $ 200, without a tail — 100 bucks. The point here is what? When I was in Riga negotiated, they uttered: if you take with tails, they spawn in the year will not be, if the tail cut off. Females then tailless to discover are not allowed. Not that it does not find out, and those konkurentnst lose. Indeed, in terms of bio-like tails formed? Females "zastymulyavali." Every year sparvalisya with those who have beautiful tail and larger in size. And finally, here are grown tails! "- Says Vladimir Bantsevich.
Pets "Kobrin peacocks actually no different from feral relatives
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