Pew Research Center: In the world of anti-American sentiment grows

Compared with a similar survey conducted five years ago, world population 47 countries in the world has changed significantly. Increased concern about the prevalence of the world’s huge: the USA, China and Russia.
Over the last 5 years in the world right intensified anti-American sentiment, even in the midst of Western European allies. Better relate to the United States, African countries: Cote d» Ivoire, Kenya and Ghana, and most importantly — Turkey, Pakistan and the Palestinians. Relatively good, although worse than 5 years ago, belong to America, "new" EU members, the former communist countries, unlike "of old" EU members.
Distrust of the South American leadership in the world explained first outer politics today the U.S. administration. Moree number of people in the world, including in countries that sent their troops abroad, oppose the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Muslim countries, the vast majority of the population — nearly 100% — ask for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan. Decreased as the global support for the war against terrorism, which, after September 11, 2001 the United States began.
Concern in the world is also growing economic and military power of China. Style of China for the past 5 years was compounded 5 times. Not a good reputation in the world is also our homeland. Namely, a growing number of Europeans are concerned about its energy dependence on Russia and how Moscow uses this dependence.
As for popularity favorites, namely George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin, then president in the South American own country enjoys the support of 45% of the people — still less than 5 years ago, while 84% support Putin Russians, even slightly more than 5 years ago.
In the world also increased — by about 10-20% — concern neuvvyazkami environment. Environmental pollution and climate change more — over 50% — concerned about the population of South Africa, China and Ukraine, and less — just every tenth — it disturbs African countries: Uganda and Kenya.

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