Photo: anniversary in the village of Vasil Bykov Bulls

To the manor-museum, rebuilt 3 year reversed pictures and images on parental home Vasil Bykov, gathered people from all over the country. But perhaps the most honorable guest was the writer’s sister, Valentina Vladimirovna Bykov, who also lives on Ushachchine — Village Volcho.

Valentine Bykov (center) shares a memoir about his brother

By the way, specifically Valentine gave tips on how to arrange the furniture in the rooms of the museum, so it was during the life of his older brother, justto lay down his personal belongings. Artifacts collected throughout the village and museum educator currently working widow younger brother Vasily Bykov, Mrs. Antonina. For everyone Antonina Bykov held a sightseeing trip.

Antonina Bykov, curator

Of recognizable people in Belarus Vasil Bykov commemorate its anniversary came Milinkevich Alexander and Inna Cooley, Vintsuk Vyachorka, Paul Seviarynets Vladimir Kolos, also writers Sergey Zakonnikau, Vladimir Orlov, Olga Ipatova Ira Zharnasiek.

Alexander Milinkevich and Zinaida Bondarenko in the museum of Vasil Bykov

Here, near the museum held an impromptu party, which could make everyone who wanted to say a few words about Vasil Bykov and his works.

Poems in memory of Vasil Bykov reads People’s Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko

Bard sings Jora Stankevich, who arrived from Beshenkovichi

Speaker poet Sergei Zakonnikau

Now — day of birth Vasil Bykov, 19.06.2007
Vitebsk: Myron let the river flag on the anniversary of Vasil Bykov, 19.06.2007
Grodno in the museum Bykova met admirers of his work, 19.06.2007

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