Photo report from the Congress of Democratic Forces. First day

Part 4

Tables are popular factions

Book "disintegrated" not remain without attention of delegates

Municipal TV blocked "painting"

Milinkevich and Statkevich towards agreement

Interview on the outskirts

Milinkevich breaks between performances Congress delegates

Part 3

Representatives of the diplomatic corps

State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov

Alpher between Sergei and Anatoly Lebedko — Staryshynya Political Council of the Union of Right Forces Nikita crisp white

Nicholas Shepherds and Goncharik

Joseph Navumchyk

Chairman of the Writers Ales Pashkevich and salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson

Part 2

First briefing for accredited journalists

Congress has received accreditation guest salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Ewart St»

In the midst of foreign guests — Russian State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov and Chairman of the Union of Right Forces Nikita crisp white.

Forum began with a presentation by Alexander Bukhvostova

First vote — for the beginning of the Congress

Last political prisoner Statkevich ready to fight

Middle of the congress participants — Svetlana Zavadsky

Alexander Milinkevich and Inna Cooley and the Congress together

Nikolai Statkevich have alternatiyvnaya strategy

Part 1

That makes itt MAZ for transporting detained near the venue of the congress?

Protection Congress negotiates with the police to work together

Rescued from the heat normally

Representatives of municipal television had to shoot action outside

In the lobby of the Palace of Culture of MAZ — posters with a picture of "Young Front" Aleh Korban, Boris Goretskogo Anastasia Palazhanka, Alexey and Dmitry Yanushevski Hveradruka. Tribunal over them should begin on May 28.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Congress Alexander Bukhvostau hour before the Congress

The registration for VIP-guests

One of the first came last Congress deputy general Valery Frolov

Congress delegates continue regitsya. There is a record in the fraction: fraction of the Social Democrats, "Regions for freedom" Milinkevich, Joint civilian Party BPF Party of Communists Belarusian and "Alliance of Labour."

Last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky prepared a special appeal to Congress

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