Pinsk creators seek out leaflets on the protection of the collective farm fascism

The first prosecutor in Pinsk was called chairman of the city organization BPF Alexander Romanovich. He says that the agenda was as a witness. But to answer the questions the emperor refused Romanovich and he explained it by the fact that the prosecution itself violates the rights of people:
"No criminal or administrative proceedings are not instituted. And I was not allowed to explain in writing. I refused to give any explanation.".
According to Alexander Romanovich, he acts appeal investigator Pinsk prosecutors Dmitry Lyra.
Interested in sovereign Lyra that it has legal grounds to disturb people:
"I — a person who inspects. Citizen I have the right to call, which I think may have to check any of this matter. For clarification. Opposition or no opposition. It should appear when summoned by the agency conducting the validation study, and so etc. ".
Such a summons from the prosecutor’s office received Pinsk Alexander Avseenko Konstantin Dude, Paul Lehnovich Victor Yarashuk and others — a total of 11 public activists. They are all in the last year before the presidential election, as in This year for various reasons were punished with fines and arrests. Victor Yarashuk explains:
"I asked them to show flyers, read. Draw attention to the absurdity. Even definitions that we were departing, do not coincide. If this leaflet were people who were sitting, it would have written is true. Because worth these people disturb? But the investigator said that he ordered, he does it. "
In Brest for the period from the presidential election were fined and sentenced more than 100 members of the opposition. This information falls Yuri Hubarevich — Coordinator of the movement "For Freedom."
"I believe that a continuation of the campaign of intimidation. Prosecutor’s Office and the police seek out any excuse to remind each month especially for active people that engage in political activities in our country unsafe. "
• Pinsk: chairman of the city branch of the BPF was sentenced to 5 days, 22.04.2007
• Pinsk: parliamentary candidate arrested for 5 days, 13.01.2007

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