Plane which was not — F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)

Plane which was not - F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)

F-26 STALMA — South American fighter VI-generation. Developed by «Stavati» tactical substitution as the F-16 Falcon. Title says aircraft for itself — STALMA (advanced multi-purpose light fighter with a small takeoff). It was planned that he will enter the program from «DEM / VAL», which took place in 2004.

F-26 STALMA — integral triplane with one engine, with one pilot. Wing sweep varies widely — 5-70 degrees. Provide more maneuverability and stealth capability for air defense. Has a similar safety and arming an F-117 Nighthawk, but the cost of the 1st aircraft is much smaller — about 25 million dollars. Starting project developments — 1994. The final draft was ready by 1997. The company had hoped that after the creation of prototypes and flight tests in 2006 to begin mass production. Developers at the time stated that the new aircraft will be delivered only South American allies.

Plane which was not - F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)
Arrangement and design of F-26
Is a mid-plane wing with vastly varying sweep. Wing sweep is determined in flight automatic with manual control. The wing has a slightly altered profile of NACA 66-415 and consists of titanium and the spirit of the 1st Special Alloys of the spar, ribs and stringers of titanium and its alloys. Top wing is covered with titanium filler trim consists of graphite-epoxy composites. Inner Wing — fuel tank.

Edge of the wing are made of titanium and various composites. The leading edge has slats, rear — by type Fowler flaps. Control flaps and slats carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders developed by «Bertea / National».
Set up to supersonic speed, flight control is carried out using the ailerons. Spoilers, established in the central part of the wing provide lift control. Under the wing have four suspension assembly, allowing to carry up to 7250 pounds of payload. At full throttle, limited sweep of 35 degrees.

Fuselage is made of three sections. The main structure is made of alloys and composites. Feathering of the V-type with the inclination angle of 55 degrees. In plumage provides cutouts for the console of the greatest sweep. Feathering is applied at a set of supersonic, motionless lower end and the upper tselnopovorotnoe controlled in three axes. Moving part carries within itself the antennas and warning about irradiation. Tailplane is attached to a farm that keeps propulsion system.

Plane mounted on hydraulic tricycle landing gear. Foldable chassis run — frontal folds forward, the main — reversed. Landing speed less than 7 m / s. To control the supply of air fighter has 3 vozduhopoglotitelya. Ventral air intake used at subsonic speeds, adjustable side used only at supersonic speed.

Propulsion — Turbofan F119-PW-100. Fuel loaded into the fuselage and wing tanks. Most of the fuselage-sealing tanks. Capacity of fuel a little more than 8 tons. To ensure fire safety installed gas (inert) and fire system. Fuel is supplied through a single neck in one of the fuselage tanks. At the bow there is left in-flight refueling device.

Cab is designed for 1st pilot and quite tight. Chair set for him catapult «Aces II». Oxygen supply is done by the system «Litton», for temperature control air-conditioner installed «AiResearch». Canopy piece, teardrop-shaped, opening / closing is performed by an electric motor or manually. The cabin has a vertical viewing angles 13 degrees, 40 degrees horizontally.

Plane which was not - F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)

Control of the aircraft quad, elektrodistatsionnoe installed console. The left side has collected Communications, weapons, defense systems and navigation radar. The right side of the motor control system collected, control system equipment, power systems, lighting, spare key systems and alarm system. Tsetr console is responsible for flight control. Not counting the control devices installed 3 LCD monitor. All monitors are interchangeable and show all the available information on the environment, weapons, stores of fuel. Right / left console with 2 LCD display radar data (front / rear hemisphere review).

Cylinders provide the swing wings work from 2-beyond the control of hydraulic systems with a working pressure of 275 atmospheres. In addition, the hydraulic system provide work chassis vozduhopoglotiteley, the brake system. The pressure in the system keeps the engine (turbofan failure appears great opportunity flight control failure). To eliminate this pressure set batteries. On the plane, an extra power plant «Allied G250». She starts the engine and the main support system when the engine is off. Electrical generator is supplied with «Sunstrand» 90kW (10kW to spare). Power on the main bus, it duplicates the spare tire (only the main system) motor run — a separate bus. Constant current is out with 28 converter. Four 24V akkuma created to start the motor and the power of the central management console. To starboard fighter made connectors for power and ground equipment.

The fighter has developed radar «Hughes» AN/APG-73. Phased array antenna type. You can also install radar PS-05 / A or AN / APG 68ABR. In the navigation equipment includes laser gyros, integrated GPS, receiving equipment of different navigation systems. In protective equipment systems include transmitter EW equipment secure communications (voice) KY-58 TSEC, equipment defendant «friend or foe» AN/APX-109, equipment warning irradiation complexes traps AN/ALE-47/55. DVR records the data and act with HUD MFD as data communication systems. In the black box is saved last 1.5 hours. As payload containers can be hung with additional equipment, such as navigation or guidance station station.

The fate of the project
This aircraft is the design work of a little-known American «Stavati», exhibited photos are 3D-modeling. Everyone who was interested in figuring out the truth on the F-26 STALMA, say the company «Stavati» has no any relationship to the airlines that really make warplanes. Project multipurpose fighter had a purpose to intrigue European allies in the development of new and improved fighter with little cost. Company website on the web is, her projects have different military and civilian aircraft destination unique designs. Pages with F-26 STALMA no longer exists, although in 2000-2005 she attended the website.
As they say military experts at cost of F-26 STALMA, or as could not be claimed by designers, creating the necessary components, the establishment of production, would eventually lead to a strong appreciation of the cost.

And in the end, though aircraft design is quite unique, but in general, the plane is not very pleasant memory, because, as they say, only perfectly fine airplanes can fly.

The main properties:
— Length — 15.1 meters;
— width — 9.1 m;
— height — 4.1 m;
— Crew — 1 pilot;
— wing — 9.1 -17.3 meters regardless of sweep;
— Weight empty / standard / max — 7/16.5/27.5 tons;
— propulsion system F119-PW-100 with thrust 15870 kgf (unforced);
— speed cruiser / max — Mach 0.9/2.4;
— radius of combat actions — 1.2 thousand kilometers;
— lifting speed of 300 m / s;
— altitude ceiling to 23 km;
— armament: 13 hardpoints provide installation combat / payload up to 8.2 tons. On the suspension can be set up different types of guided missiles and air-to-ground air-to-air and air bombs.

Cartridges — refueling and repair

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