Poland or block negotiations on the Constitutional Act of the European Union?

Upcoming EU summit considered a very fundamental and fateful. Germany, which completes the EU presidency, I wish that it had been agreed the EU Constitutional contract. The former did not support the draft constitution, voters in France and the Netherlands 2005.
This led to a profound crisis in the European Union, and has called the ability to swing its functioning after enlargement. But all attempts to reach a new agreement, which would be approved by national parliaments, Poland closes.
Most of the latest system for Poland — against
Warsaw believes that the proposed agreement new electoral rules allow it strongly enough power, while Germany will get it a lot. Now the role of both countries in decision-making is almost equal, while in Germany, twice as many inmates than in Poland.
The vast majority of other countries support the latest voting system. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned on Tuesday that a new agreement just needed if the EU wishes to maintain the credibility and effectiveness.
Barroso: "How can we, the Europeans, to convince the rest of the world in our seriousness when talking about climate configurations when passionate neuvvyazkami globalization, from fighting terrorism to international assistance to developing countries, if we are unable to agree on their own universities?"
The system of "double majority" increases the weight of Germany
The draft agreement states that the solution can be taken, if it is supported by 55 percent of member states representing 65 percent of the population of the Union. It so called double majority formula. Comparable with the current situation, this system significantly increases the weight of Germany. Poland, which last years very critical of Berlin, opposes the idea of a "double majority".
Instead of Warsaw offers, in her opinion, more so in small and small states system whereby number of votes will be country corresponds to the square root of its total population. And Warsaw threatened to veto all negotiations for a new agreement, if such a configuration will not be applied.
German printing: EU split terrible for Poland herself
First month Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski even said that he was "going to die for the sake of the square root." Poland’s position has angered many European Union countries, but most of all — Germany.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Poland spends chances for new countries enter the EU.
Many German observers believe that the current favorites Germany Poland revenge for the military in the past anger. Polish leaders often mention the torment that had to be moved to the Poles from Germany during the war. The influential German "Franfunkter algemayne Zeitung" wrote on June 17 that the Polish president and prime minister from kindergarten consider Germans as fighters SS Division.
The publication warns that the split and the weakening of the European Union will be unsafe for Poland herself, referring to the very tense affairs with Russia Warsaw.
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Tuesday bluntly warned that the absence of a new agreement undermines the solidarity of the European Union. Barroso appealed to all the favorites of the European Union with an appeal to avoid confrontation at the summit.

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