Policy of friendship with Lukashenko M.Ahmadinezhadam

According to the activist Joint civilian Party Alexander Dobrovolsky, managing links between Belarus and Iran that they are outcasts.
"Both of these presidents are not accepted in respectable society. And this is their very very binds. And then, that at the moment You can produce the best cars, and Lukashenko wants to release Iranian who not only secondary, but it’s a day or the day before, it just evidenced. Thereby limiting the ability of Lukashenko our country.
Also connects them is that they have the enthusiasm to manage their state, not Ignoring not only on the international community, and the public own states . "
Activist of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky said:
"It follows from the policy pursued by our homeland. Our motherland can not openly do some specific operations with certain modes, because it successfully makes Lukashenko."

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