Poll: Affects whether Congress on the affairs of government and the opposition?


Reporter: "How do you think things will swap power and the opposition after the Congress?"
Guy: "How do I know several members were not allowed to Congress, opposition was very indignant. Because I think not. "
Man: "With our power the opposition can not cope. For there is one citizen who wishes all lay their hands on. I think not. "
Lady: "I think nothing will improve and not worsen. This Congress, I think, just for the" swoosh " so to speak. Nothing will change. "
Woman: "I do not know."
Man: "I believe that this question at the moment is very serious and it needs to be addressed urgently. If you try do something, try to negotiate — it would likely lead to something. "
Lady: "I’m not interested in politics."
Man: "Our government and the opposition can only assist large-scale reforms. One Congress to affect things unreal."
Lady: "We have not heard anything about the Congress."
Lady: "I do not think so."
Guy: "I think it is unlikely anything will change, as this Congress just was not the time, not need. Congresses, which took place earlier, especially the one that was in 2005, it was a severe case, if there were elections . What is there to decide? Well, took some documents. So fight the regime, which is currently exists in Belarus, it is unrealistic. "
Reporter: "These are the conventions can affect the relationship between the government and opposition?"
Man: "The authorities has allowed Congress to hold itself. If he had a real impact, it is unlikely that would have allowed. But Milinkevich, representatives of democratic parties are squabbling among themselves. And maybe it is profitable power — to show that the opposition is not all right. If they can not agree among themselves about than one read? Which strategies and perspectives about what? "
Man: "At the moment the opposition absolutely controlled by Lukashenko. This is evident by the Congress."
Lady: "Relations of power and the opposition will not change very rapidly. We would really like to see all the same power began to talk with the opposition. But hopes for this illusive ".
Lady: "In my opinion, no results no Congress. They’re all quarreled only to any overall outlook did not come. In my opinion, the democratic forces must work together to merge, only if we reach any goals."

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