Poll: Belarusians are going to do a directive number 3?

Lady: "We pay on the counter. My kids are saving, and just light in the house is burning. "
Lady: "We were so far is not affected. And for the future, if we build that savings need, then we will save. "
Woman: "I’m not going to save. If I’m put off by the light, that will still be with my vision."
Man: "Whole world save because they comfortably. But it is not must to harm the health, safety and the environment. If there is a reasonable, rational, which corresponds to these positions, how ordinary, reasonable person, I will keep these principles. But not directives from time to time appear artificial. "
Reporter: "How are you going to do a directive number 3?"
Lady: "It is hard to say possible to save. I am a student, I need to do, and accordingly — burning light. I have electric, gas because I was not a lot of worries. But it is difficult to perform this. "
Lady: "I usually turn on the light, telly all day enabled computer."
Woman: "I believe that it must come from the person rather than the top. And if people decide for themselves is more economical to spend everything that they should do so."
Lady "Fact, I’ve already experienced it once. If sovereign Brezhnev we read that "the economy be economical. "We all took it. I think that no guidelines are not posodeystvuyut. saves owner will. If this is his personal, it will look, that in the production of fuel-efficient cars were that water was not flowing. If for which he will pay out of its own pocket and not from the municipal. "

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