Poll Zhlobin: West believes that we, too, rogue

Lady: "I’m not interested in politics. I know, of course, that came Ahmadinejad, announcements watched."
Pensioner: "The West thinks we also outcasts. As if we despot. Because he had no choice to make, not counting as friends with those with whom profitable, as I understand it."
Man: "Normally all. Contract concluded, as expected, our control. Everyone should own country be the owner. "
Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact Belarus support business with rogue states? "
Lady: "Why rogue nations? All countries, sure can talk together. "
Retired: "It would be better friends with Russia further yes — Poland, Nemechchyna. These countries better developed. "
Lady: "I believe that any country has its place in the sky and the sun. Iran too. I think not only Belarus supports business with Iran, and in our homeland including . "
Man: "I believe that if it is profitable to both sides, means must be maintained."
Lady: "With Iran? Who knows … With Russia, we are also members of Tipo, and seemed not atrymlivaemsya friends."
Reporter: "How do you feel about the fact Belarus support business with the state, which is considered an outcast in the world? "
Young Man: "Normally take it. For example, for Belarusians there, for sure, there is no dictatorship and for the Yankees it is. Then why not?"
Lady: "What does it mean" the country who remain outcasts? "If there is one, it occasionally opt for some properties? Seems each have a friend — just a man, respect him, yes."
Another lady: "Our Lukashenko probably know better — to invite such guests or not. And the fact that we, the small people, let’s say it does not have any sense."

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