Polotsk forbade election boycott picket-2008

Filed an application for a picket of the Young Polotsk and youth BCD. Hold it they meant September 20, about cinema "Rodina". According to local activist Ales Krutkin, on the square in front of the cinema hall was planned to deploy a banner "Boycott-2008" also distribute leaflets about the need to boycott the elections — first as the vote count is not bona fide.
Polotsk City Executive Committee responded that just on the scheduled day and time of the picket in the cinema "Rodina" will be a children’s film session, and because of opposition youth initiative can make inconvenience to guests. Share offered to transfer to another day, but youth activists consider this proposal krivodushnoy: the period of consideration of similar applications is 15 days, and up to the elections less than a 2-weeks.
The applicants want to appeal the denial of the executive committee, referring to the court or the prosecutor.

Tags: election boycott

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