Power has shown that it is strong and not afraid of different Statkevich Sevyarinets

During the last 2-weeks in Belarus decreased the number of political prisoners — the authorities paroled Statkevich, Paul and Catherine Sevyarinets Sadouskaya.
In addition, sentences activists "Young Front", who were tried on criminal charges for activities on behalf of an unregistered organization, were surprisingly Myagenkaya — one of the five defendants were not punished bullpen, limited penalties.
Our listeners in his letters reflect on the circumstances of such a change in the attitude of the authorities towards the opposition. Current conversation will start with messages on this topic Sergei Kasetskaga of Novopolotsk. A listener writes:
"Lukashenko obviously falls signal to the West that it is ready to negotiate. This with his hand, so to speak, Steps good will, which the EU and the U.S. long sought. I think all political prisoners immediately, he will not let go: you have to throw something for the same trade. If the release of all — no trump cards are left.
In particular, long-term, for sure, will keep Kozulin. This is a great figure, for her, for sure, you can get hundreds of millions of euros — as the same trade preferences. "

Political prisoners, the emperor Kasetski just let go and just as easy to arrest again — the same or new. Continuous trading on such basis do with the West is unlikely to succeed.
To become vsepolnotsennym and a full partner in the dialogue with the European Union and the United States, should be carried out in Belarus katigorichnye democratic reforms, as a result of which the emergence of political prisoners would be generally feasible. And in Minsk know about these criteria.
On the same theme kutsee letter from Svetlana Vstsinovich from Minsk:
"Lukashenko made a magnanimous gesture — and how it has responded to the opposition? Although would write a letter of thanks or picketed, as they usually do, which would have declared support for the president’s policies.’s Not every day that happens.
In general, the government has shown that it is strong and not afraid of different Statkevich Sevyarinets. We again made sure the genius of Alexander Lukashenko, who is a political instinct, which never dreamed there different Milinkevich and Liabedzka. "

And for that yet, Mrs. Vstsinovich, thank? For what kept people for their political views in captivity year and a half, and could more? Or for what young men and lady, whose only fault is that not because I think activists BRYU million fine imposed, and could throw in jail? That you think the prototype of humanism, democracy and political talent?
Interestingly, in case you take as a starting point for an object for comparison? Maybe former vsenarodnaabranaga President Jean Bokassa of the Central African Republic, which came to power and declared himself king, and his political opponents just ate (literally — as lyangetav and schnitzel)?
The mood among his fellow villagers in charge in a letter to "Freedom" our friend Paul Satz davneshny village of cankers Malorita district:
"Lud we wondered why in recent months have not increased pension? Silent Newspapers, television, too. They more successes and outline raschudesnye life. And we are interested in the pension. Here again or bread and other products rose. People said: "Lukashenko has forgotten us …" And I told them this: "You voted for him — then ask for …"
— And we are the third and fourth times go vote for him.
— Well, and then say something that no bread for that purchase. Why outraged? I have a nervous system, and I do not worry about it, nothing else was waiting. I’m worried about "Freedom" because of her getting spiritual food. "

Curiously, sire Sats as your villagers will react to what is now to get to the district center, they have to pay for a bus ticket to two times more expensive than in the past? And for medication at a pharmacy with a seventy-year old will also take full price because the discounts and free medicines are canceled.
President Lukashenko last week in Brest said that although older people can, and offended that he canceled the benefits, but all the same as he did not change, and will not betray …
But only when you talk to people in the age and listen to them reasoning about all of this automatically start fluctuate correctness such approval.
Our listener with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi not so long ago was in a local clinic. And just what is not heard enough stories from people Usha. Some he told in his own brand-new bolshennom letter "Freedom."
One of the stories — about the relation to the true construction in rural areas so called "Presidential" houses — the new home, which is built on cheap money and by which authority expects to consolidate the professionals on the ground. Here Syrelem monologue written by Constantine in this regard Usha uncle:
"What are they, those houses are needed? Who will live in them? Dogs? You go to the farm makes 30 thousand a month? Go, and can get that house, if not earlier hunger swell along with the children! Uh er, brother! "Father" our drove himself in the head for these houses, as Khrushchev corn, and though you count his bowl on his head.
You pay me — I put the tent, and I will live there, and I will work, and not say a word. Sam will build a house for himself, such that I want, not them. Well, what the hell am I to build, I’d rather purchase somewhere. They are many, and priobretesh money for nothing.
And what home! Logs — "Up"! Well, if only to change the lower crown, but a foundation to raise a little, well, block. Ibid, and barns, and sheds, and garden and sauna, and the land is not bad, even it happens that there is a garage. And with all this presidential house? Nothing but hlyavochak as doghouse. Great deliver, and the second is not fit. "

All past years, these houses were built separately from the villages, and certainly on the highway to the authorities immediately be seen as the president made the directive. With all this, indeed, was not paid great attention to the fact that poor harvests around the houses, which are not even wormwood grows.
And what about the commercial buildings — good point Usha uncle. Fact, that at any time in recent homestead government allocated only 30 thousand dollars. These funds are not enough is not something that a large shed — even to bring to the mind of the house.
At a recent meeting, President Lukashenko, however, criticized the former showy practice and read almost the same thing, and what Usha inhabitants — what you need thriftily to dispose of what is already there. In Belarusian villages are empty 10s of thousands of buildings that are still strong. Buy them and make a complete renovation — much cheaper than building from scratch.
But thrifty billion rubles over the past 10 years have already been invested just these settlements with houses on hlevushkami-birdhouse.
At the end — a piece of writing from the village of Victor Klyanovskaga Druja Braslavskogo district. Student talks about some features of the Belarusian civilization:
"When I was in the zone and worked in the logging, you heard such talk 2-Belarusians:
— Well, that, my friend Zenya, decent wood — will earn you a penny …
All around it just smiled. Job languid from her need to turn out as you can. And they …
A few months later I saw it again and just Belarusian vyznat. 30 kg of it has disappeared, the whole thin, black.
And as for all the other dark languid works, all of which as best they could "jump off" — worked Belarusians. A zone, incidentally, was an international.
Such workaholic I beheld nowhere else. Here they need to work specifically in Europe, spinning like a squirrel in a wheel — there will appreciate it. Even Hitler was listed Belarusian noble workaholic, scrap belted.
Are Belarusians suffer en
dlessly? I think not. But if you bring to the critical level — then they can not stop, then it will go. "

It is unclear, sire Klyanovski that Hitler Belarusians were considered particularly well on some counts. Nazi invaders burned villages in Belarus than in any other country though. Well, in the death camps and forced labor in Germany Belarusians tormented no less than all the other European nations.
As to where there is work Belarusians … I think, first in their own country, in their own land. Lend a hand in the country is where. Another thing is that we need a system in which for the hard and diligent work and remuneration would be suitable. And not like, for example, in most of the present Belarusian farms.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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