POWER omnipotent RUSSIAN SUPER BOMBER tested in 2019

POWER omnipotent RUSSIAN SUPER BOMBER tested in 2019
Distant aircraft commander Anatoly Zhiharev opened Enigma development terrible weapon of modernity

According to the military, the machine will go into service no earlier than 11 years. It is expected that a promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) will go to the Ministry of Defence for testing in 2019.

Meant that the bomber would replace existing aircraft TU-160, TU-95 and TU-22. The complex will be able to overcome the modern air defenses, conduct electronic warfare and use new high-precision missiles and bombs.

As reported previously Gudok.ru, at the end of November 2013 the head of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan said that the PAK DA in the next year will be ready for development activities. «We decided to accelerate the process of assembly and testing will begin very soon with the Ministry of Defence», — told the manager UAC Vladimir Putin during a meeting on the development of the Air Force.

But defense bureaucrats felt it necessary to modify the aerodynamics of the aircraft weaponry and PAK DA. So Makar, fly bombers premiere will be delayed more than 5 years. Only innovatorskuyu planned development had spent more than $ 50 billion. rubles.

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