Presentation of the ABC Night in Minsk — photo report

Victor Shalkevich hurry to leave Grodno, but managed to sing a few songs. Recorded on the disc 5 of his satirical mini-plays.
Pavel Morozov read about the dying of the printed word, and the ability to give literature new technologies.
Misha Anempadistov for "Night ABC" wrote his poems, many of which were texts of favorite rock songs. But he decided to limit the presentation of funny stories.
Sergei Balakhonov read an excerpt from a new work on behalf of the teacher, which is surrounded on all sides starshaklyasnits temptation.
Adam Globe examines the list of creators on the CD "Night ABC." Specifically, he suggested a longish list of new names for the record in the future, "an anthology of the Night" and won the grand prize presentation — radyepryymach. Such a competition awaits guests 28 and June 29.
Lavon Volsky read one of his own tales, which wrote for "Night ABC", as a recent story. He says that he began to write stories, thanks to the rather short order works radio broadcast format, and at the moment does not stop.
Not counting reading fairy tales, Lavon Volsky also sang "Minsk-Minsk" and "Ordinary words."
Dmitry Vishnev read his essays on literary festival in Slovenia. He came later and was offended by the organizers of the event, when they were asked to complete the reading after 15 minutes. Dmitry left the scandal, but after the presentation of the parties reconciled.
Anatoly Ivashchenko read his poem about a woman advocacy.
Little Hall "Not bad thoughts" was full.
• 27-29 June — CD presentation "Night Rap", 27.06.2007

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