Prior to scold America, we need to thank her

A topic that is often heard in the letters and call our listeners — the role of the United States in the history and in the modern world. Representations on this matter are varied and contradictory.
In a review of mail on June 9 letter sounded Anatolia Zherdeva from Gomel, who mused about repentance for war crimes and the degree of culpability of the fighter for the middle of the victim’s civilian population.
In the letter, among other, mentioned the role of the U.S. Army during the second World War, the bombing of Nagasaki and Hirasymy.
These and other arguments about the role of the United States responded with Konstantin Syrel Ushachi:
"So that is what these bad USA. And bags with bucks to send the opposition, and waging war in Iraq, and Hirasymu bomb thrown off, and a radar in the Czech Republic are willing to put, well, in general, they are very bad.
So, to condemn the United States praise Lukashenka we stylish, and most importantly — is harmless. But if on the contrary — is another matter. Excellent even if you only blame that neprelichno expressed, see that in your car not found the drug suddenly you all the … "

Next in own writing Constantine Syrel offers a closer look at the state of their own:
"Remember, because in the country where we lived for over seventy years, were killed 10s of millions of innocents.
They shot at Kurapaty millions starved, poisoned dogs in the gulag, tortured in the cellars of the NKVD, threw on unarmed Nazi machine guns MG, driving back their "Degtyarev" and "Maxim".
It is not only Hitler povinet the world war, more, and maybe even more povinet our "great" leader Comrade Stalin with his own flock. This is our former USSR country climbed everywhere do not require — in Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and other countries.
And there were only very few who dared to protest. According to the vast majority of silent, pokorlivo stomping in the columns of demonstrators on November 7 and May 1 and shouting "Hurrah." I confess, I — is no exception.
So stupid debate about who is more byaka — we either they need to work together to make this world a better place. "

Konstantin Syrel recalls that throughout the twentieth century in the United States have repeatedly come to the aid of the peoples of the former Russian Union:
"Before this curse strong country, we need to thank her. Thanked her 30 first president Herbert Clark Guveru for saving thousand and thousand Belarusians from famine in 1919-1922, to thank the Yankees, who collected donations for our grandfathers.
We also have forgotten about helping us during the second World War I: And this 2660 transport vehicles, 17.5 million tons of cargo: food, hundreds of warships and submarines, about 500 000 vehicles ("Studebaker", "Willis", "Dodge"), planes, guns, missiles, strategic metals — all not listed.
10s transports were drowned on the way to Russian ports, despite the support of warships. Endless memory sons and daughters of America who died in the ocean waters!
We did not stop at least sincere thank you to say to the United States for it. But something I have not heard of this control "thank you" only language ".

Finally own writing describes Constantine Syrel own "discovery" of America: 18 months he has been reversed in California:
"Calm down, detractors: I’m not a politician and oligarch, the journey has paid very close and dear to me for people honestly earned money. Town I visited many museums, parks.
In a month or not beheld 1st intoxicated, although the restaurants could happen. Saw no 1st unpleasant inscriptions in public restrooms. Clearly, he had not heard of Russian mat. Nowhere is the next to the forest was trash. Never heard of any impolite words adresok own nor anyone else’s.
At one point, just before his departure, in the shop, it is young the girl replied, annoyed at my request repeat slower purchase amount (well, I’m still the "expert" British language). But here she caught on and gave me a dazzling grin that I to This time remember her. Luckily for you, further overseas stranger.
And now I dream of huge sekvoi, about which almost tame deer strolling, dreaming bridge "Golden Gate" in San Francisco, squirrels jumping in numerous parks Silicon plains, waterfalls Esemitsi crumble with pavkilyametrovay height.
Dream courteous, grin Americans, dreaming blond head and blue eyes of my grandson and granddaughter.
What awaits them if they would come back here, in Belarus? Neuzh something intoxicated amonavets ever banging his head on the car’s grandson and granddaughter will peel rubber truncheon on the fragile shoulders of girls’ only for what they think, not because of someone else’s wishes mustachioed guy with Drozdov? .. "

Thanks to you, Constantine, for sincere, heartfelt letter. Of course, anti-American sentiments can find a lot of explanations. The poor and the losers often envy the rich and successful.
Although two centuries back the Americans began to build his government from the ground up, and then they did not envied in the world. People of the United States throughout its own history has shown it is capable to achieve relaxed person who lives in the state that is based on the principles of freedom and democracy.
Created subsequent letters — Valentine Vdavenka from Minsk. In severe listener complaints to the human rights movement:
"I think it necessary to raise the question of termination in the media disk imaging campaign glorification Catherine Sadouskaya and show her educated lawyer human rights activist. Her 10 education classes, she worked as a cleaner.
Unfortunately, I am very late on this figured out. She deliberately spread criticism in the address number of referees and officials, to make yourself a victim of political repression. For that she was punished justly.
It was necessary that fall greedily to grants allocated to the fight against the totalitarian regime. In Belarus, as many do: call themselves fighters and do nothing substantive. "

Catherine Sadovskaya Mrs. Vdavenka, almost a year spent in the slammer. She was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for insulting Alexander Lukashenko. Organization "Amnesty International" recognized Catherine Sadouskaya vyaznyaem conscience. Before the release of her writing sought to abandon their own activities. She did not.
That are independent media reported about the sufferings of this lady, and opposition parties and human rights organizations claimed her release — you, Madam Vdavenka, think glorification?
What did then, in your views (views of a man who calls himself a human rights) should be advocacy?
Our friend Paul Satz davneshny village of cankers Malorita district said about the consequences that befell him after appearances on "Freedom":
"The transfer of our Lyahovtsy listened many, including in the area where I live. Whereupon, Of course, I decided to take revenge. "He’s with us agronomist selektsyyaner: brought a potato that can grow in water. So give it a weave on a swamp. Maybe he ground" Freedom "plowed" — so read as a mocker.
I replied as follows: "Do not worry, for you to not come for bread. And pick up that variant landing, and potatoes grow in the swamp. Yes, look, I say to you as a believer: will sin — naklichesh fail."
And what do you think: May 23 established a cloud — and hail beat all the crops and farm, and the public. So they say they are "laid". What can you do: superstition — the poetry of life. If such people were not, we would be living boring.
And in general, I do lover thing: check at the request of the population flowers on diseases and pests, horticultural crops, give advice on the grapes spend workshops on vaccination of different plants. I like it, a
nd people appreciate that. Well, at home in the evening I had in the first place — the transfer of "Freedom."

Incidentally, sire Sats in this dry year if the potatoes and bring then just in low places, drained swamps. So with hundred square meters for you, despite the machinations of enemies, likely, lucky.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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