PRODUCTION F-16 may continue until 2020

PRODUCTION F-16 may continue until 2020
The company «Lockheed Martin» has a pretty orders to keep creating their own F-16 to the third quarter of 2013, inclusive, writes The company is also working on additional orders and updates in the Middle East, South America and other markets that will ensure to keep the production line until 2020.
Around this time, the price of the new fighter «Lockheed» F-35 will fall to such a mark that future buyers will make sense to take the F-35 and F-16 does not. Last Friday, the company «Lockheed Martin» to mark the end of its own assembly 100th F-35 fighter.
«Lockheed» has produced more than 4,500 F-16 aircraft from the beginning of applets in 1975, which makes the F-16 in the history of «the best-selling fighter.» Fighters fly in 26 countries, including 15 which are additional orders, said in an interview with «Reuters» Bill McHenry (Bill McHenry), sales development manager for the F-16 of «Lockheed Martin».
United Arab Emirates studying new orders for the F-16 and the possible upgrade, but failed to declare the order at the air show in Dubai as waiting for some experts.
«Lockheed» dramatically reduced the creation of the F-16 at its own plant in Fort Worth (Texas) — 30 (peak production, noted in June 1987) to about 1st aircraft per month. Currently, the company is completing the assembly of the last 20 Egypt ordered the F-16. This aircraft and 7 others will remain at the plant in Fort Worth after the announcement of the U.S. intention to stop his own considerable military aid to Egypt because of concerns about violations of the country’s democracy and human rights.
The company is also working on a contract for 12 Omani F-16 aircraft, some of which are in one or another stage of assembly on the production casing strip number 8, also known as «The Falcon’s Nest» (Falcon’s Nest «), is also under contract with Iraq 36 aircraft. One of Taiwan’s Air Force 145 fighter is being upgraded at the factory, and its nose cone removed for installation of a new radar with active phased array antenna. McHenry said that the company «Lockheed Martin» extra abilities waiting to programmke upgrade existing F-16 in the latest configuration of the F-16V, which includes radar AFAR and the global positioning system, advanced equipment electronic warfare and avionics systems.
He acknowledged that other companies, including British BAE Systems, tried to capture some of these works on modernization, but said that «Lockheed» offered lower costs and huge savings due to the wide-scale, taking into account that airplanes operated in 26 countries. Pentagon last month approved a deal in which BAE will upgrade 134 F-16 fighter Air Force in South Korea, a move that could put pressure on the «Lockheed» to be more brutal in the struggle for modernization contracts.

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