Protest rally on Independence Square is not accomplished

At noon on Independence Square were seen police civil police patrols.
After, as Mengravykankam rebuked share Bangalore Square, appeared on the web calls come May 20 at noon at the Independence Square.
Members of youth organizations supported this idea. She believes that unauthorized protest detentions completed.
Recently the bureaucrats Mingorispolkom summoned for an interview applicants shares in the Park of Friendship of peoples to Bangalore Square Boris Goretskogo, Nikita Krasnov and Ales Kalita.
Initiators protests warned that they will be held accountable if public order is broken.
Haretski officials referred to such acts of terror before the manifestation of the performances of students, the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy and the disabled against the likely abolition of privileges.
Minsk police now working in emergency mode.

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