Quote a day or May 30

"This is lawlessness. My wife and kids Belarusians. And I’m a good part own life gave Belarus. And I blame harming state security. Until last Sunday, there was no report about my religious activities. A penalty was given to a minimum. Like all — soon give small punishment "..

Pastor Yaroslav Lukasik about his own deportation

"I believe that the government is guilty of all. And not just the government in general, and to blame the people responsible for security in the state. Because to do this situation, when people convened on the overall event and not to ensure their safety, it is impossible to state that povinet throughout these were just kids. Specifically guilty were those responsible for them. We these people deduct, realize? We worked all my life, deduct taxes on which these people live. And must responsible. And they bear no responsibility. "

Natalia Novakovskaya in which eight years ago Nyamiha killed 16-year-old daughter Alevtina, about the 8th anniversary of the disaster

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