France wants to halve the amount purchased for the Air Force and Navy Rafale fighter and expects to create more of this type of fighter for export production to save bandwidth, Defense News reported on August 2.
In the midst of potential customers «Rafale» French officials called India, Qatar, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. The French Government, represented by Socialist prime Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) tries to «rein in municipal expenditures,» but on the financing of nuclear deterrence no configuration is not expected, because they are seen as important fundamental component of national defense.
According to previous plans, the company Dassault Aviation was once a year to supply 11 fighter «Rafale» for military aircraft of France, but according to the present project August 2 Defence Evaluation government in the coming six years, it plans to purchase 26 new only «Rafale».
June 11 French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian (Jean-Yves Le Drian) said the company Dassault Aviation in 2016 should expect to supply fighter «Rafale» only for export. France leads exclusive negotiations with India for the supply of 126 aircraft of this type, the other a potential customer Minister referred to Qatar. Adviser to the Minister said that the government will not change the overall agreement to acquire 180 «Rafale» for military aircraft of the country (the number assigned machines coming months to reach 120 units), but the configuration can relate to future contracts (as you can realize from 180 120 aircraft will be delivered, but of the remaining 60 cars will be bought only 26 — approx. «VP»).

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