S.Horevskogo 34 floors put a shadow on the entire Upper Town

Administrative, business and public center "Minsk-City" is to appear on the 350 acres of terrain. The approximate price of the project — about 1 billion dollars.
Sunday reports from municipal channels followed that in the center of Minsk, near the museum majestically Russian war may seem over 30-storey hotel, and under October Square — multilevel parking.
What are the consequences for Minsk can have these projects?
Views on art historian, architectural historian Sergei Hareuski, Minsk, as though what a big city, required such a huge structure. But must built out of need and not on the orders of the country, built, if there is a real land market, which leads investors very well use every scrap.
But what thinks about Sergei Hareuski may be building a hotel:
"Building close to the museum of the war on the 34th floor of a skyscraper, to put it mildly, is completely absurd. 34 floors put a shadow on the whole upper city. And, taking into account the specificity of the landscape, this building will be the absolute dominant all Minsk."

Sergei Tarasov: "These buildings are devalued, the soul of the town."

Archaeologist Sergei Tarasov also varies in the need to build high-rise hotel in the center of town.
"Such a skyscraper — as violence against our entire history Minsk, — says Sergey Tarasov. — Archaeological and construction history. Indeed, such structures are devalued, the soul of the town. As this sarcophagus — Palace of the Republic — crushes own hulk on ancient churches and monasteries, so it over 30-storey nebasyag just kill them. "
Sergei Hareuski notes that construction of luxury buildings and palaces authorities want to make people have the illusion of rapid economic growth in Belarus. "Blotting out the last remnants starasvechchyny in various towns, so that people only remember the era monuments today" — says art critic.
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