S.Salash: Democrats lose, because everyone — for himself emperor

Four years after reversing the CEC Sergey manages to reach the reception, during the last campaign was generally arrested. In This year Salash also not allowed to participate in elections — he was walking along a rural environment. But in the adjacent — Borisov city — checked both Democratic candidates. Randomly or specifically? Word — the deputy director of information-analytical agency "European Wave" public editor of the week Syarzhuku Salash.
— Make turnout in these parliamentary elections is difficult. Borisov’s first democratic electorate negative attitude towards them. No better mood and so called "electoral swamp", which has no one believes.
The authorities first need to ensure impact on uncontrolled, ideologically part of urban residents. That’s why seamlessly registered nominee UCP Victor Gorbachev, although if you want and just could quibble.
Regarding Anatol Bukas, there was trickier: first he invented a petty prerequisite refused, even though they knew — that will appeal this decision and achieve registration. But authorities Borisov could not just forgive Bukas that it is independent in its own newspaper reflects urban life. Decided as statedsmiling, though slightly, but destroying the blood.
Late registration Bukas obmyslennym step was to knock it first with Gorbachev, and not pro-government nominees. Move vertically based on the fact that even I (do not let the guys sulk) can not see the differences between them. Their cultural codes — similar.
Another thing, that was registered, say, probelorussky candidate Belarusian-language, culture or candidate Belarusian Belarusian views … Here too the situation would be a little different and more exciting. And so they are monotonous, basically. Therefore will razbivats among themselves electorate.
Here goes: local authorities are more prepared for the elections. In 1-x, they are kept under control — vertically and horizontally. And in the midst of Democrats, in turn, has always been difficult to find a common denominator — the agreement. No, everyone here — pan. And in all the executive committee in another way: not fulfilled — fly from work.
Because if you do not arrive at the real unity, winning just unreal.
And second. I do not really like peremptorily expression of democratic candidates who are competitors in the same opposition as themselves: "I will win not only the government candidate, and that’s that, too!"
I think it is very incorrectly. In these matters necessary be more neat.

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