Salting Belarus in cyberspace

Vlad was one of the first Belarusians, which entered the global network — even in the early 90’s, as a child, while studying in the United States under applets "Freedom Support Act". He immediately became interested in this new world and became one of the most Belarusian kibernavtav recognizable.
Created 10-s innovative web projects created by Belarusian interface Google, founder of the Belarusian Wikipedia, one of the first Belarusian bloggers — he carried the world are great (and from time to time and bad) news about Belarus.
He had acquired a workaholic. It would take perhaps five people to make up for his absence.
He was a real ambassador of Belarus in cyberspace.
Thousands of people, who know him, had never beheld, never met him in invizible. Working day and night on all their projects, Vladik lived largely in cyberspace.
I believe that at the moment it — in real computer paradise with unlimited access to the web zvyshshyrokapalosnym with superkamputarami quantum microprocessors.
And I believe that we will meet again. It is late.
And he would tell us about all these wonderful things that have happened there, while we were not there.
Vova, don» t rest in peace. Go on. May the force be with you.

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