«SCORPIO» will be used in areas with low levels of threats

December 12th at McConnell Air Force Base (Wichita, pcs. Kansas) performed the first flight of the twin-engine layout light combat aircraft development Scorpion group Textron Airland, reports janes.com.

Flight, which took place 24 months after the least design and development, lasted 1 hour 25 minutes, during which the machine showed «impressive stability and control.» According to the plan of developers, «Scorpion» should change expensive combat aircraft in areas with low threats.

The machine is made of one hundred percent of composite materials and is a «cost-effective solution» for implementation in local conflicts, Border Patrol and conducting maritime surveillance, counter-narcotics and security defenses. According to the design features of the airplane must reach a speed of 450 knots (830 km / h), ceiling of 40 thousand feet (12,200 m), the range of 2,400 nautical miles (4,400 km), the required load in the inner compartment of 1360 kg on external hardpoints can carry weapons weighing up to 2766 kg.

Representatives of the company, «Textron» negotiate with the Air Force National Guard and Special Operations Command supply probable «Scorpion», and it is too early read of export interest to the aircraft.

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