Second day of the Congress: Split or association?

Present day began by summarizing the formation of factions Congress. They created the largest and 8 — 201 delegate fraction associates Milinkevich "Regions for freedom."
Total 6 fractions get enough members to be entitled nominate their own representatives in the Presidium of the Political Council of the United Democratic Forces. This faction "Regions for freedom", "civilians action" (UCP), BPF, PKB, "justice and solidarity of Belarus" (companions of Alexander Kozulin) faction "Labor Alliance" Alexander Bukhvostova.
Followers factions presented their positions, and later began a discussion document submitted for Congress — a strategy the economic platform and Malaya constitution.
Disputes revolved around strategy. I recall a joint strategy developed Political Council. But Statkevich offered another option — a strategy of "European Coalition". Supported her movement "For Freedom." According to the creators — a strategy and act euros choice.
Alexander Milinkevich in his speech said that the strategy of the Political Council given incorrect assessment of the situation. And if there are differences in diagnosis, differences in other words and actions.
Milinkevich referred to its core values — democracy, independence and integration into Europe.
Majority vote, delegates supported the economic platform and Minor constitution also approved a number of resolutions and proclamations Congress.
But the greatest intrigue had to vote on strategy. Delegates even held a special re-registration. Ultimately 611 delegates registered.
The Drafting Committee proposed the adoption of a strategy for the base of the Political Council. Another draft strategy was not included in order to vote, because, he says, he did not and does not have the ability to look at him.
Paul Seviarynets Statkevich and called for a vote against the strategy of the Political Council. Stanislav Shushkevich called to build bridges between the strategies.
After the first ballot, it became clear that many deputies voted "for" and "against." 365 in the second vote in favor "for" 185 "against" 20 — abstained. So makarom, Strategy Political Council adopted for the base.
Then held a vote of the Political Council of the newest — the collective governing body united democratic forces. Here the main disputes caused Consulate business in the Political Council presented with 2 structures.
Because Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka suggested that the composition of the political council of representatives of the other business structures. In the end, they decided that this question Politsovet solve itself.
Congress approved the composition of the Political Council of 45 persons. It includes members of the BPF, the Social Democrats, UCP, PKB, women’s party "Nadzeja", "Young Front", the organizing committee of the Belarusian Party of Labor, the movement "For Freedom" party "greenish", the organizing committee of the Party of Freedom and Progress.
Statkevich refused membership in the newest Political Council, although his supporters there. Statkevich said "Radio Liberty" that Congress failed to take effective, winning strategy, strategy acts. He said that the main focus was on how to eat Milinkevich.
Alexander Milinkevich, summarizing the Congress said that Congress and remains subject to its decision. He refused to co-chairmanship and membership in the political council. He believes that at the moment can not talk about the united democratic forces and will now be implemented two strategies. A. Milinkevich said that now will build the movement "For Freedom."
At the congress did not leave without scandals. Member of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk said that the organizers let friends in Congress as "Young Front". For example, representatives of Artur Finkevich are presently serving "chemistry", initially selected, and later returned to the scandal delegatski mandate.
Press accreditation was deprived of a member of "Young Front" Lena Makarevich. According to the manager of the press service of the Congress Wozniak Sergey Makarevich Tipo intensively involved in a support group Aalyaksandra Milinkevich, chanting and waving her arms.
Paul urged delegates Seviarynets Congress to show solidarity and tomorrow to come to court in Minsk which will judge members of the "Young Front".
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