Sentences protesters: 3-5 days

Pavel Vinogradov was sentenced to 5 days. Paul Markiewicz, Barazenka, Pavel Chumakov and Vadim Borovik — for three days, now they are after 20.00 will be released. Paul Viltovsky still awaiting sentencing.
June 1 riot police dispersed a march-aggressive performance against students cancellation of privileges.
The action, which took place in the center of Minsk, was attended by about hundreds of people. They held hands on the coffin with the inscription "save." In a dark box, students also carried a large ticket for public transport. So makarom young people protested against cancellation of privileges.
Police arrested six protesters. Later, the students were taken to jail on Akrestin.
• Mogilev donors called for all-Belarusian strike 1.06.2007
• The people of the benefits selected, the deputy — left 24.05.2007
• Benefits will be reduced by a third of 17.05.2007
• Online coverage per share protest against the abolition of privileges 10.05.2007

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