September 17

A textbook example of such historical dichotomy reunification with East West Belarus in 1939.
Hardly there is a Belarusian historian — or camp remnants of nationalist fundamentalists, from the depths of the official or "pan-Slavic" science (say, from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute or Polesski Institute) — which would have put a swing historical justice reunification of Belarus after the entrance of the Red Army in Poland September 17, 1939
Historical justice — blind force. She does not look, so to speak, what tools enjoys. Belarus reunited thanks to a secret annex to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which the civilized world condemns as a diplomatic sin is On many years ago. At the root of the current unity of Belarusians (at least, geographical) are Hitler and Stalin, which philanthropists Belarus can not be called (and here just — dropped out b). After all, it they crossed historically unjust shtrishki treatise in 1921, where the Bolsheviks broke Belarusians and Poles in half, without asking for their views.
But what about this bill Polish historians think? It is easy to guess: September 17, 1939 — the date of this treacherous Soviet attack on Poland, the knife in the back, hammered advice at this moment, when the Poles fought off Hitler’s invasion. What is already here restoration of historical justice for Belarus if Poland, thereby resuming, disappeared from the map of Europe for 5 years, and then another 45 years, became Russian satellite?
But about this dichotomy I hardly think so. But in recent years, when spahaplyusya, now just 17 September, I always remember a story I heard somewhere 18-19 years ago, began working as a journalist in Bialystok "Cornfield". I think I told her mentor from the village in Komatavtsy Gorodoksky commune near Bialystok.
In 1944, when the Soviets drove the Germans back and returned to Bialystok, the general political situation was not clear. Our Belarusian people for a long time was not sure where he came back — in Russian Union? in Poland? But gradually beginning prayasnyatstsa when Russian soldiers began to put the frontier posts.
Small Ozeryany (Belarusian Orthodox village on the border and Krynkovsky Gorodoksky communes) initially did not lucky. Soviets began to put their poles west of the village. What can you do, blind historical (in) justice.
But then something someone canceled and started to put the poles on the east side of Small Ozeryany. Aunts and uncles in the village almost went crazy with joy. Remain in Poland! Stankevich have done talakovskae vypivanne and all that, but a day or 1st of the coming Russian farm came "predsyadatsel" and stated that, say, tomorrow will come a truck to pick up all the good and household goods azyarantsav and carry them and all in the USSR. They own, or not so? Why they should remain in the "do not own" Poland?
Far into the night and the whole village vechavala mazgavala, what to do. In the end, decided to all men on dasvetstsi flee to the west side, and hide themselves in the woods, and all the ladies and kids huddled lie on the east side of the road and block the movement of the collective farm trucks. The calculation was as follows: tips on what atrocities could not be capable of nature, you can be ashamed of push trucks ladies and kids funny day, and after the war.
As agreed, did so. And failed. Small village Ozeryany and hitherto stands in our, Bialystok side, and live in it azyarantsy. Everyone can see this yourself by typing in Google Maps "Ozierany Male Poland".

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